Alicia Keys' Son Genesis Has A Sweet Bond With Taylor Swift

Move over, mom! I'm a Swiftie! Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz's youngest son, Genesis Dean, has a sweet bond with superstar Taylor Swift. On August 6, Keys shared an Instagram post after taking her son to see Swift's sold-out "Eras" tour. "Big love to @taylorswift for your big beautiful spirit that makes everyone feel loved," Keys wrote in the caption. "Genesis adores u," she added. Keys included a few candid moments that Swift has shared with Genesis, including the two backstage at her show where she planted a smooch on his cheek, as well as an interaction between the two at an awards show from years prior. Keys also included a short video of Genesis taking off a friendship bracelet he was wearing and giving it to Swift — a tradition that her fans have started thanks to a lyric in Swift's song, "You're on Your Own Kid," according to People magazine. 

Aside from being able to go to the show — and get some love from Swift herself — Genesis was also given a hand-written note from the "Cruel Summer" singer, which Keys shared in a video on social media. "Gen, Hi my friend!! I was so excited when I heard you were coming tonight!! I hope you have so much fun at the show. I'll be waving at you. Love, Taylor," Swift wrote on her very own stationery. And Genesis' reaction was seriously the cutest.

Genesis Dean says he wants to frame the note from Taylor Swift

Genesis Dean appeared to have a great night with his mom at the concert. In one of the videos that Keys shared, she was holding him on her back as they grooved to Taylor Swift's hit songs. But it was the special surprise that really made Genesis' night. "I'm gonna frame it," Genesis said after his mom read the special note that Swift wrote him in a video on Twitter. Keys then recorded a message that her son made to thank Swift. "Thank you, Taylor. I loved your show, and I'm happy that I got to meet you again," he said in another video.

Genesis has been making headlines quite a bit for an 8-year-old. About a week before heading to Swift's show, Genesis was at his mom's show in Seattle, Washington. His dad, Swizz Beatz, took to Instagram to share some photos of the event, at which Genesis stood near his mom on stage because he wanted to protect her. "My boy said I'm not playing no games on moms stage," Beatz captioned the post, explaining that his son had heard about people throwing things at performers and he wanted to make sure his mom was safe. Such a sweet boy!