Suri Cruise Nails The Cool-Girl Athleisure Trend In Latest Photographed Outing

Suri Cruise stepped out in New York City in August 2023 with a pal and the paparazzi weren't far behind. The daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes was seen carrying a water bottle and her cell phone in one hand and had a yellow bag hanging off her shoulder as she walked down a bustling sidewalk. The teen showed off her toned legs in a pair of black biker shorts by Under Armour and exposed her midriff in a black tank that was slightly rolled up in the front, nailing the casual athleisure look. 

With her hair up in a ponytail and flushed cheeks, Suri looks like had just hit the gym — which just happens to be one of her hobbies. In fact, it's something that Suri has done alongside her famous mom. Back in 2019, for example, Hollywood Life shared photos of the mother-daughter duo heading into a yoga studio. That same year, Holmes told Shape that she and her daughter sometimes workout together. "It just depends on the day. We have our routines, and occasionally they overlap. But I don't force her to work out with me because I know that's lame," Holmes said. On Suri's recent outing, however, she wasn't with her mom but was still photographed despite doing her best to blend in with the Big Apple crowd. Of course, there's a reason that she attracts media attention.

There's almost always been a public interest in Suri Cruise

Since Suri Cruise was born to two super famous parents, there has already been a curiosity surrounding her. People have wanted to see what (or who) she looks like, what she's doing, who she's hanging out with, what she's wearing, and everything in between. Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise managed to keep Suri out of the news for the first few months of her life, but after they shared her first photo — on the cover of Vanity Fair in October 2006 — well, that opened up the floodgates. Suri's photo became the one to get and paparazzi have been on high alert ever since.

As Suri has gotten older, there is still quite a bit of interest in her, whether she's out with her mom or strolling around New York City in workout gear and a pair of mules, which she totally rocks. Interestingly, she almost always had a decent fashion sense, which she started developing when she was quite young. When she was just 4 years old, she was giving her mom fashion advice. "She'll really tell me [what she thinks]," Holmes recalled during an interview with Elle magazine (per People). "Like today I'm wearing brown suede pants, and she said, 'I don't like your pants.' But then she'll say, 'You've got to wear these shoes.' Or 'That's so pretty, Mom. Wear that.' She's got a great eye," Holmes added. Based on Suri's cool gym style, we'd say she still does.