What Really Happened Between Noah And Tessa On The Young And The Restless?

Tessa Porter (Cait Fairbanks) and Mariah Copeland (Camryn Grimes) have become a fan-favorite couple on "The Young and the Restless." But Teriah fan club members know that their favorite couple didn't come into existence without a certain Newman getting his heart broken. Noah Newman (Rory Gibson) and Tessa crossed paths when she was homeless, playing the guitar outside Crimson Lights for money. Tessa first encountered Noah's mother, Sharon Collins (Sharon Case) there as Collins owned the cafe, and soon various members of the Newman family noticed Tessa's musical gift and began working with her on different projects.

Noah partly owned "The Underground" and invited Tessa to perform on the open microphone nights. He wasn't actively seeking love when Tessa started performing at his nightclub, but couldn't ignore her undeniable talent and, eventually, her beauty. During one of Tessa's performances, a drunken patron obnoxiously heckled her, so Noah promptly intervened and kicked him out.

However, by the end of the evening, he found Tessa standing over the fallen heckler, having fended off his attack, proving that she was no damsel in distress. Reluctantly, Tessa disclosed that the heckler was connected to her past but refused to share more details. Following this incident, Noah invited her to dinner and discovered he was attracted to her. He fell head over heels quickly, glad to finally find someone who understood him.

Noah and Tessa run into problems

To the surprise of "Y&R" fans, Noah Newman and Tessa Porter's relationship thrived. She released her first single and even moved in with Noah, solidifying their couple status. To unwind, Mariah Copeland and her boyfriend, Devon Winters (Bryton James), invited the new couple to a getaway outside Genoa City. Noah and Devon relished the break from work, even attending a concert and leaving Mariah and Tessa alone.

Sadly, the pleasant break was only a brief calm before the storm. Tessa's first single wasn't doing well, and her record label informed her that she needed a new song. The problem was that she felt incredibly stressed and uninspired, so it took a while to write the new song. Luckily, as Tessa prepared for her second single release, Devon secured an interview on the "Hilary Hour." During the show, Mariah stunned everyone by accusing Tessa of plagiarizing her lyrics and even threatened legal action if Tessa proceeded with the release. This led to Tessa's record label dropping her.

A bewildered Noah confronted Tessa, seeking explanations, but she adamantly refused to explain. Feeling cornered, he turned to Mariah and pressed her for answers. Mariah finally explained that Tessa had stolen her diary and turned its contents into lyrics. Noah, initially skeptical, persisted until Mariah handed over the diary. Regrettably, the diary contained the stolen lyrics and Noah found out even more than he bargained for — he learned that Mariah and Tessa had kissed while he and Devon were at the concert.

Noah kicks Tessa out

Noah Newman made a beeline for Tessa Porter, accusing her of lying about the kiss with his sister and deceiving him. Tessa pleaded for forgiveness, explaining that she hadn't disclosed the truth to shield him from pain and that her intentions with Mariah Copeland weren't what he assumed. However, Noah was too hurt to listen. He recounted how he had uncovered Tessa's secrets and lies and concluded that their relationship had to end. Consequently, he asked Tessa to leave their apartment and went out to get as drunk as possible.

Shortly afterward, Noah accepted a position at Newman's branch in India, informed his family of his decision to leave Genoa, and left the next day. With Noah's absence, Tessa and Mariah had the space to heal their shattered hearts. The process began with forgiveness, followed by a date arranged by Kyle Abbott. Their bond grew stronger, leading to an official relationship.

Noah returned in 2018 and put up a facade of being okay when Summer Newman updated him about Tessa and Mariah's deepening relationship. Sadly for Noah but happily for the couple, their relationship continued to grow and, in 2020, Mariah proposed to Tessa, who happily accepted. Noah retained his happy demeanor and even teased them about their love and helped them plan for the wedding, but viewers watched him drink even more before cryptically admitting to Tessa that he still loved her. Although Noah seems to have gotten the memo now, we hope the "Y&R" gods send Noah someone soon.