Sydney Sweeney Is A Natural Beauty Without Makeup

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Sydney Sweeney is among Hollywood's new favorites, as well as the newest (unintentional) skincare influencer we can't get enough of. Her bare face is flawless, confirming that the "Americana" actor is a real beauty who has nothing to hide. Even though Sweeney is most likely best known for the aesthetically glitzy "Euphoria" that took makeup to the next level, she has no problem going sans in real life. In the snippets of her private life the celeb shares on social media, she's often not wearing any cosmetics, which one might not even notice, as she doesn't look much different than the glammed-up version of herself.

Sweeney's natural features can be seen in her newest project, HBO's "Reality," where her character sports the 'no makeup' makeup look throughout most of the movie. Still, that wasn't always the case for Sweeney, as she struggled with acne and skin sensitivity when she was younger. She credits a good mindset for getting rid of her imperfections, but the skincare routine she's established over the years also played a major role. It involves a lot of ice and water, as well as the occasional face mask the star keeps on overnight.

Ice-rolling is a key part of Sweeney's everyday skincare routine

Flawless skin is the first step to looking great without any makeup on, and Sydney Sweeney knows it. She shared her skincare routine with Allure and revealed that she used to struggle with cystic acne as a teenager, which is why she needs to be extra careful about what she puts on her face. The actor starts her mornings by gently cleansing her face, following that up with under-eye patches from 111Skin which she swears by.

Next, she loves to use an ice roller to depuff her face. In an interview with W Magazine, the star gushed about how much she enjoys the icy part of her routine, saying, "It just wakes me up and gets me ready for the day. It also gives me a moment for myself." On some days, she'll give herself an additional ice water facial for a stronger wake-me-up, she tells Allure. Afterward, a double hyaluronic acid boost is on her radar to ensure sufficient skin hydration. Last, but certainly not least, the "Reality" lead goes in with a generous amount of sunscreen, admitting that she used to skip this step because of how much she disliked the feeling of the product on her face. "Growing up, sunscreens would break me out horribly, and on my body too," Sweeney told Forbes. Nowadays, she uses the Laneige SPF 50+ Hydro UV Defense sunscreen, which she loves. She explains, "I always use it under my makeup on camera," so it just may be the secret to her glowing skin.

She doesn't always feel confident

For the ultimate glow sans makeup, Sydney Sweeney recommends hydrating from within. Her holy grail skincare step is to drink water, according to W Magazine, as it affects her overall diet. In their conversation, the actor also noted that she sometimes goes to sleep wearing a face mask. It's no wonder she looks as good as she does without any makeup, but it did take some time for her to learn to love her image.

In a conversation with Vogue, Sweeney shared that her acne-prone skin would break out so badly that she didn't want to show her face at school, ultimately covering up the spots with Band-Aids in order to attend classes. "I wish that I could tell my 16 [year-old] self-conscious self that it's just a journey, and just love yourself more than what your skin tells you. Honestly, happiness shines through anything, and people can see what's inside," said "The White Lotus" star.

While starring in "Euphoria" has made the actor feel more confident about experimenting with makeup, she has nothing to hide. Still, being confident is a daily task for her. When speaking to Yahoo, Sweeney admitted she doesn't feel great about her looks every single day and that, as a role model, she wants to normalize loving yourself regardless. "Just know that you're beautiful, no matter what," she emphasized.