Ice Cube Claims The View Once Declined To Have Him Appear On The Show

Rapper Ice Cube has always been vocal regarding government matters. He has long showcased anti-authority ideologies in his music, and even publicly criticized several leaders like President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, questioning their intentions for Black voters. Despite accepting a meeting in 2020 with Donald Trump to work on an initiative that would help minorities, he made it clear that he was not a Trump supporter. Instead, he was in favor of anyone who could make a change. This outlook seemingly turned off some of his longtime fans, and possibly popular talk show "The View."

Ice Cube sat down with conservative commentator Tucker Carlson, who has had several beef's of his own, in July 2023 for Episode 11 of his Twitter series, "Tucker on Twitter." There, the West Coast rapper revealed that the daytime show was not interested in speaking with him. While he has prided himself on not picking a political side, Ice Cube believes his independent standpoint may have turned off the panel of hosts. 

Ice Cube says once he became an independent thinker, 'The View' rejected him

Ice Cube has appeared on "The View" before, back in June 2017, to discuss police brutality and holding officers accountable. The hosts welcomed his thoughts on the matter, though things have seemingly soured between Ice Cube and the program. He revealed to former Fox News host Tucker Carlson in July that the talk show had turned down his request for a conversation. "A few of the [hosts] just really didn't like where I was coming from. That's what I was told by the producers. [...] I've been on there before. It's just when I've become an independent thinker. I don't follow their brand of politics I guess," Ice Cube explained on Carlson's Twitter show.

Media mogul Oprah Winfrey also seemingly distanced herself from the "Ride Along" star years ago. Ice Cube shared with Carlson that she welcomed casts from two of his productions on her talk show, but he was allegedly "excluded." Ice Cube explained that participants of his "controversial" "Black. White." reality show were welcomed by Winfrey, except for him. Back in 2006, he also called out Winfrey in an issue of FHM Magazine (via Today), revealing that both Cedric the Entertainer and Eve, who starred in his 2002 comedy "Barbershop," were invited on "The Oprah Winfrey Show," and he "wasn't invited." In the interview, he accused Winfrey of discriminating against rappers, saying, "Maybe she's got a problem with hip-hop." However, Eve was also a hip-hop musician before her acting career. 

Ice Cube's views have landed him in trouble

Ice Cube's sentiments have also steered toward science, with him slamming the COVID-19 vaccine. During the first part of his chat with Tucker Carlson on "Tucker on Twitter," where the two explored his Los Angeles childhood neighborhood, Ice Cube revealed he refused to take the vaccine. Unfortunately, this decision allegedly cost him a $9 million movie deal. He told Carlson, "It wasn't ready. It was six months, kind of a rush job. And I didn't feel safe."

Moves such as this one have landed him in trouble several times throughout the years. In 1991, Ice Cube's sophomore solo album, "Death Certificate," sparked extreme reactions from critics. Some listeners deemed the content too hateful towards authoritative institutions such as the military. The album cover even depicted a deceased person underneath an American flag with a toe tag that read, "Uncle Sam." Along with the lyrics, the image led to boycotts and even Oregon banning the cover from stores. Before going solo, Ice Cube's rap group, N.W.A., was also barred from radio stations for their police brutality awareness cry.

Even with his sometimes offensive means of getting his point across, Ice Cube still wants the best for the world. In 2011, he donated autographed memorabilia to go towards HIV/AIDS awareness funding. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he also launched a T-shirt fundraiser that donated money to first responders. Underneath his many touchy comments, Ice Cube has demonstrated that his intentions are pure, something his fans have appreciated for decades.