The Truth About Tucker Carlson

If you're following the current election at all, you're likely to have noticed Fox News host Tucker Carlson making headlines. In fact, Carlson's face in the media is not a new one, as his resume is packed with broadcasting roles. But where does his story begin?

Tucker McNear Swanson Carlson was born in San Francisco in 1969, the oldest of two boys. The media may have been a popular dinner table topic for him growing up as his father, Dick Carlson, was a former CEO for The Corporation of Public Broadcasting (via Columbia Journalism Review). His mother Lisa McNear Carlson, left the family when Carlson was six. Not much is publicly known about why she left, as Carlson describes the circumstances as a, "totally bizarre situation — which I never talk about, because it was actually not really part of my life at all" (via The New Yorker). Four years later, his father married Patricia Swanson of the Swanson frozen dinner family.

Tucker Carlson married his high school sweetheart

After graduating from Trinity College in 1992, Carlson made the leap into adulthood with a new degree and an engagement to his high school sweetheart, Susan Andrews. Recalling his first impression of Andrews, Carlson remembers her as, "the cutest 10th grader in America" (via People). Andrews also appears to have been smitten from first glance sharing, "There was a bounce in his walk. He was in his khaki pants and ribbon belt and I thought, even then, he seemed so optimistic and positive." Thirty years later, the couple is still together. Andrews is a stay-at-home mom to their four children: daughters Dorothy, Lillie, Hopie, and son, Buckley. (per Yahoo Life).

Carlson's wife has stood by her man even in the tough times. In the early 2000s, his promising career in media was threatened when he was falsely accused of rape at a Kentucky hamburger and pizza joint. It was later stated that Carlson was never there and the alleged accuser, Kimberly Carter, publicly admits, "I was delusional," and suffers schizoaffective disorder (via Daily Mail). 

Post bow-tie era, Tucker Carlson creates controversy

One of Carlson's first jobs was with the Policy Review as a fact-checker. Adam Myerson, who worked with Carlson at the magazine remembers Tucker as, "an enterprising, hard-working shoe-leather reporter"(via Columbia Journalism Review). After jumping around from several magazine and newspaper jobs, he perhaps had his first memorable role in front of the camera on the CNN shows The Spin Room and Crossfire (via Business Insider).

In the beginning of his broadcasting career, Carlson was known for being a self-assured conservative, who wore a staple bow tie. " I like wearing bow ties," he said. "And I certainly spend a lot of time defending them" (via The New Yorker). Since then, Carlson has dropped his famous accessory and is currently working as the host of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight — a show that is currently the most-watched cable news show in history (per Business Insider). 

Carlson's success has come with major criticism, and his views are not always appreciated. In a controversial defense of a 17-year-old who fatally shot two people at a Black Lives Matter protest, Carlson noted, "So are we really surprised that looting and arson accelerated to murder? How shocked are we that 17-year-olds with rifles decided they had to maintain order when no one else would?" (per The Guardian).

Tucker Carlson's most recent claims

Carlson is making headlines of his own this election season continuing to make claims that ruffle feathers. Most recently, Carlson reports that he and his team acquired incriminating documents concerning presidential candidate Joe Biden. He shared, "So on Monday of this week we received from a source confidential documents related to the Biden family. We believe those documents are authentic, they're real, and they're damning" (via Twitter). His claim of having any incriminating information can no longer be proven as he went on to explain that said documents have disappeared (via New York Magazine). Whether we believe Carlson or not, we're certain we'll see his name pop up again this election cycle.