When Calls The Heart Season 9 Cliffhangers That Need To Be Resolved In Season 10

Hallmark's hit series, "When Calls the Heart" is back, and we've got plenty to catch up on with the folks of Hope Valley. Series star Erin Krakow has promised "jaw-dropping" moments in "When Calls The Heart" Season 10, and this has fans of the series — aka "hearties" — biting their nails in anticipation for what this season may hold.

"There's real drama [and] sweet, funny moments with the kids. It's just a very full, exciting season," Krakow told Good Housekeeping. Of course, a promise like that could keep fans of any series on their toes, but when it comes to "When Calls the Heart," we were already expecting it — especially considering just how many loose ends were left after the Season 9 finale.

The biggest fans of "When Calls The Heart" have watched this series from the start and know just how many twists and turns the drama has with each new season. Still, the Season 9 finale left us with more than a few questions. So, which ones are we most hoping for a resolution to this season? Let's dig in.

Wedding bells for Lucas and Elizabeth

One of the more notable cliffhangers from Season 9 was Lucas and Elizabeth's engagement. Co-executive producer and writer on the series, Elizabeth Stewart, talked to Entertainment Tonight about the future of the fan-favorite couple and had a cryptic message. "All I can say is that the course of true love never did run smooth!" she said. While that comment sure does pique our interests and maybe even instill a bit of worry, it sounds like there's plenty of good in store for the beloved couple, as well. 

Stewart says that the writers always hoped to end Season 9 with a proposal between the pair and explained how different this is from Elizabeth's relationship with Jack. "The experiences of widowhood and motherhood have deepened her. I don't think she needs or even desires to be swept off her feet in quite that once-in-a-lifetime way she was with Jack. Including Little Jack in the proposal is a signal that her top priority now is as a mother." By the same token, this season will show a developing and deeper future father-son relationship between Lucas and Jack, which most fans were certainly hoping for.

Bill's health scare

Bill Avery, played by Jack Wagner, is a forensic investigator who arrived in Hope Valley way back in Season 1. Since his arrival, he's become an important member of the series' cast of characters. This is one of the reasons why his health scare has plenty of fans worried about his future on the show. Bill was diagnosed with pneumonia last season, but it seems that his condition has worsened, and at the start of Season 10, he wasn't exactly caring for himself the way fans might have hoped.

"He is the type of guy who doesn't really want to let anyone help him," Erin Krakow told TV Insider. "Obviously there are plenty of people in town who care about him, but he's trying to be so tough about it all. And it may be that there's a little bit of that Hope Valley magic that helps him heal in Season 10."

Wagner has also hinted that things will look up for Bill. "We start the season, and there is a revelation that happens right around the community there, which turns out to be a wellness spring. That's a big deal in terms of my character," he told Soaps. Elizabeth Stewart confirms this, saying that Bill's way of life will change, and it sounds like it's for the better. 

The Coulters' baby

Rosemary and Lee Coulter are having a baby, and for someone who loves control as much as Rosemary does, childbirth and having a brand new baby around can bring some difficulty. Per Entertainment Tonight, Elizabeth Stewart says that Rosemary will still stay true to the "take-charge attitude with which she approaches everything else," but she adds that in this case, it "of course means she's in for some shock and surprises!"

As we've already seen, Lee is being the ever-supportive husband and tries his best to keep Rosemary's mind off of things. Still, it's safe to say that the forthcoming birth won't be an easy one. As we've seen with Elizabeth's own birth with baby Jack, childbirth had plenty more risks and difficulties in the world of pre-modern medicine. Still, regardless of the challenges that may lie ahead, fans are as excited as Rosemary and Lee are for the birth of the Coulter baby after the couple struggled with fertility throughout many seasons. 

Nathan's romantic life

For Nathan fans, we know that this character, played by Kevin McGarry, hasn't had the easiest time when it comes to finding love. Season 9 left him with a few different paths to take when it comes to searching for "the one." Still, while fans are likely ready to see Nathan find happiness after being on such a difficult road, Elizabeth Stewart suggests that he may be taking a break from romance. "I think the feeling is that Nathan shouldn't be in a rush to get into a relationship with anyone. He's finally made peace with losing Elizabeth. For now, his priority is Allie," she told Entertainment Tonight.

Even so, it seems that there's a chance that Nathan is headed right from one love triangle into another. Though, this time, it'll be his choice. With Mei back in Hope Valley and Faith owning up to her true feelings for Nathan, it seems that regardless of his readiness to get back to the search for love, there may be some folks pursuing him.

Is forgiveness in Henry's future?

One of the most dramatic cliffhangers from Season 9 has to do with Henry Gowen's future. He believes that he's to blame for the mine explosion and the resulting fatalities, and he's consequently turned himself in to authorities. His fate may be doomed, despite Bill's promise to do everything he can to keep him from doing prison time. On the positive side, it's easy to see that the folks of Hope Valley want to have Henry's back as he faces this difficult period. Still, according to Elizabeth Stewart, what will happen to Henry goes a lot deeper than just whether or not he'll go to prison. "I think Henry will continue on his path toward redemption and forgiveness. Of course, his biggest challenge is forgiving himself," she explained to Entertainment Tonight.

It's clear that there's plenty to keep us on our toes this season on "When Calls the Heart." And, while we know that quite a bit of drama will be unfolding, we have hope that things will work out for the best. It's called Hope Valley for a reason, after all.