Ron Cephas Jones Shows His Unbreakable Bond With Daughter Jasmine Up Until His Tragic Death

Tributes are pouring in for "This Is Us" star Ron Cephas Jones, who died on August 19 at age 66. The actor struggled with ill health for years, yet still managed to continue his active career after undergoing a double lung transplant in 2020. He's remembered as both a brilliant performer and a beautiful human being. Octavia Spencer, who recently worked with him on "Truth Be Told," wrote on Instagram, "For those pursuing acting as a living, let Emmy Award Winner, Ron Cephas Jones, be the type of perfection you strive to achieve." Deborah Roberts of ABC's "Good Morning America" echoed, "Devastating! Brilliant and heart stopping actor!" And Debra Messing called it "a terrible loss."

But the person likely most shattered (and who has not yet publicly commented as of this writing) is his daughter, Jasmine Cephas Jones. The actor is best known for playing Ashley in "Blindspotting" and Peggy Schuyler/Maria Reynolds in the original Broadway production of "Hamilton." In a bittersweet touch of fate, Ron's final Instagram post was a photo of Jasmine with Stephen Adly Guirgis, a playwright with whom Ron had often worked. "Hey! Did reading of some new pages w/some old friends. Like family always," Ron wrote. "LOVE." 

Ron's other social media tributes further prove the bond between the father-daughter team was lifelong and unbreakable. 

Ron and Jasmine Cephas Jones shared love and talent

As a young adult, Ron Cephas Jones had a relationship with British jazz singer Kim Lesley that produced their only daughter, Jasmine Cephas Jones, in July 1989. Her nickname, "Bird," is likely a loving nod to jazz legend Charlie "Bird" Parker. Lesley and Ron never married, but they remained close and raised Jasmine together. Jasmine inherited her parents' performing talents, graduating from the prestigious Berklee College of Music and soon moving on to her successful stage, film, and TV career. 

In an historic first, Ron and Jasmine Cephas Jones became the first father and daughter ever to win Emmy Awards in the same year, per "Today." Ron won the Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series award for his role as William Hill in "This Is Us," while Jasmine took home the award for Outstanding Actress in a Short-Form Comedy or Drama Series for her work in "#Freerayshawn." When the nominations were announced, the proud dad wrote an Instagram tribute calling the honor "PRICELESS." The following year, the groundbreaking team earned the honor of announcing the Emmy nominees.

Ron's social media was always filled with photos and memories of his daughter: as a baby in his arms; a girl riding on his shoulders; a smiling brunch companion; a performer singing as Ron played saxophone; a young woman in an evening dress on her way to an award show. Ron frequently called himself "blessed," but fans would agree Jasmine was the truly blessed one.