Moments From I Love A Mama's Boy That Were Downright Cringey

Navigating television channels and trying to decide what to watch would be a totally different experience if not for TLC. Established in the 1980s as The Learning Channel, TLC has evolved from presenting educational shows to airing programs tackling the extreme lifestyles of different individuals. With its unfiltered and immersive TV shows, the network thrives on a diverse array of reality series such as "1000-Lb Sisters," "Sister Wives," "90 Day Fiancé" and a lot more. 

The shows on TLC aren't exactly ethical, similar to the output of other major entertainment corporations, but they are definitely captivating. One program that has served as pleasurable entertainment for the audience is "I Love a Mama's Boy." The series has resonated with individuals who have encountered challenging relationships with their in-laws, particularly the mothers of their partners. But the mamas featured on the TV program go beyond the typical condescending and demanding behavior often associated with prospective mothers-in-law, they took it to the next level by consistently prioritizing their own needs and asserting their dominance. 

TLC's reality show "I Love a Mama's Boy" has indeed showcased some of the most disturbing mother-son closeness. From grinding on each other to going to a massage together to bond, here are the most awkward moments that have stirred up discussions among fans.

Sensual mother-son dance

Weddings are often filled with sincere and affectionate moments. Amidst these cherished instances, the parent's dance emerges as a manifestation of familial love. This tradition within a wedding allows the newlywed couple to pay homage to the parents. Usually, the bride shares a dance with her father, while the groom dances with his mother.

While it's just a customary activity, Ethan Weisman and his mother, Esther Weisman, have taken the supposed sweet practice to an extremely bizarre moment. In one of the episodes of "I Love A Mama's Boy," the dance routine rehearsed by Ethan and Esther took on a weirdly sexual vibe. Esther believed in the significance of the said dance, so when her son suggested they dance to Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing," she happily obliged. (Via People)

As they discussed the dance they wanted to do with instructor Jose, Ethan said "We want it to be romantic, sexual, sensual, everything." Initially, Jose thought they weren't serious, but they went on with it anyway. As if this wasn't awkward enough, Ethan's fiance, Leyna Rosen, entered the room while the mother and son were dancing sweetly, Ethan even said to his mom, "Now dance on me, like grind on me." Rosen admitted that the closeness of the pair bothered her, however, she has reportedly stayed with Ethan. As of 2023, the pair is still together but they have not disclosed whether they got married or not. 

Matt went lingerie shopping with his mom

It's one thing to buy your girlfriend lingerie, but it's a completely different story when you buy your own mom sexy lingerie. That's exactly what Matt McAdams from "I Love A Mama's Boy" did. Matt has been in a relationship with Kimberly Cobb for three years at that point. One thing that they have argued about over and over was his closeness to his mother, Kelly McAdams. The mother and son grew close due to a life-threatening disease Matt had while he was still an infant. Thankfully, he overcame the illness but it resulted in his exceptionally tight bond with his mother. 

As seen on the episode of the TLC series, Matt wanted to improve his intimacy with his girlfriend so he asked his mom to help him buy lingerie for Kim. He said, "For Valentine's Day this year, Mom said she would go and help me get Kim a gift." He added (via YouTube), "I want to put a little more spark back into mine and Kim's relationship. There is some intimacy that has fallen short because we do live with my mom." While they initially went to the store to buy Kim a present, Matt ended up buying the same sexy robe for his mom.

Matt's no longer with Kim and has since moved on with a new girlfriend, Brittany. The couple was also featured in "I Love a Mama's Boy."

Jason enjoyed a couple's massage with his mom Annette

A couples massage offers an opportunity for partners to forge a shared, tranquil connection. However in one of the episodes of "I Love a Mama's Boy," Jason McClay has chosen to share this intimate bond with his mother, Annette McClay. In a confessional, Jason admitted, "My mom and I love getting massages as our alone time, and time to catch up." Annette also enjoyed bonding with her son, she said (via YouTube), "When Jason and I go on a date together, it's a great way for me to spoil him."

The mom further added that she seizes any quality time she can with her son since he now has a family of his own. The pair has been feeling good and relaxed while getting a massage, however, Jason has to deliver the news of his relocating for his work. The mom expressed her dismay and confessed that she had a hard time when Jason was in a different city. Annette could only sigh since she understood it was for his career and family. 

Thankfully, despite his closeness with his mom, Jason was always standing firm in making Justina and their daughter, Taylor, the priority. It seems they are making the relationship work,  "I Love A Mama's Boy" Jason and Justina are still together based on the photos posted on their Instagram accounts.

Going on a honeymoon with Bryan's mother in tow

There's no question that romance is the central component of any honeymoon experience. The intimate setting and uninterrupted moments provide couples the opportunity to nurture connection. That's exactly what Tracy and Bryan planned to do during their getaway, however, things didn't go as planned since he invited his mom to join them in the honeymoon.

The couple has finally decided to get married after being together for years. Unfortunately for Tracy, Bryan has life-size baggage, his mother. After the wedding, the couple embarked on a trip to Hawaii for their honeymoon and initially, Jayne agreed to babysit her grandchildren. As the episode unfolded, Jayne was spotted engaging in a conversation with two men at the bar. Tracy wasn't pleased with her mother-in-law's behavior, as she confessed in the confessional. 

However, the night took a turn for the worse a few hours later as it was followed by a disturbing moment showcased on the show. As the newly married couple decided to go for a relaxing time in the jacuzzi, Jayne suddenly barged in and joined them. When asked about the kids, Jayne said they were at a babysitting service. Tracy couldn't take it anymore so she went out of the tub and blasted Jayne for her neglect. Good thing all is well now as Tracy has gotten close to her mother-in-law. She told Insider, "We have our little quirks as a family, but she's been a great support system for me."

Liz convinced Mike not to propose to Stephanie

"I Love a Mama's Boy" saw Mike's closeness with his mom Liz. But the dynamic of their relationship shifted when Mike met his girlfriend, Stephanie. The couple has been together for years and it was quite serious. Mike was so happy being with Stephanie that he wanted to take it to the next level by proposing, however, Liz had some reservations. Liz told her son that Stephanie was not a good fit for him but Mike was a little doubtful with his mother's advice since she has had two failed marriages. He believed that she was not in a position to give relationship advice. He also pointed out that he felt something different with Stephanie.

This discussion between the mother and son has infuriated the fans. In a Reddit thread, fans were disgusted with Liz's behavior and claimed that she will never be satisfied with anyone. There was also a comment claiming Liz wanted her son for herself. Their closeness has also bothered Stephanie, she said, "Pretty much everything about our relationship is perfect, except for one thing. His mom." (Via YouTube)

In the end, Mike ultimately listened to his mother and did not propose to Stephanie. This decision might be due to the fact that Mike believed that Liz only wanted the best for him. He told Insider, "My mom, despite giving us a little headache at times, she always has my best interest in mind."