Fans Are Disturbed About This Moment On I Love A Mama's Boy

A man being close to his mother is not  a big deal. As a matter of fact, some may even use a man's tenderness and affectionate gentleness with his mother as a yardstick to judge his romantic relationships, per The Cut. It must also be said, however, that there is a limit to how close a man can be with his mother before it becomes really awkward. Not only does this make for icky optics, generally, but it also makes dating a really tricky experience for the woman in this man's life. Hollywood has had a field day with this theme in movies like "Jumping The Broom," "Think Like A Man Too," portraying the strained three-way relationship between overbearing mothers, their sons, and the women who are unfortunate to date such men, or worse, marry them.

"I Love a Mama's Boy" by TLC is another show that takes a keen interest in the uncomfortable relationships between men and their mothers. The show, in its 2nd Season, follows the story of four women who are with men who have some really unconventional relationships with their mothers.

When you hear of a show with a title like "I Love a Mama's Boy," you expect to see some really cringe-worthy stuff, per NY Post. But there's one moment that seems to have blown all other embarrassing scenes out of the water and fans are quite disturbed by it.

The awkward moment on I Love A Mama's Boy that's got fans feeling uneasy

That awkward moment on "I Love a Mama's Boy" involves newly-married couple, Tracy and Bryan, and of course Bryan's mother, Jayne.

When the couple decided to get away for their honeymoon and some much-needed alone time, Jayne (unsurprisingly) tags along on the trip. And just before fans could fully digest the awkwardness of having an unwanted third party at the their honeymoon, something even more cringe-y takes place: The mother barged in on the couple enjoying some steamy time in the hot tub and ... gets in with the couple. Yikes! Tracy, understandably very annoyed, stormed out, leaving mother and son to spend time alone in the hot tub. Again, yikes!

Creeped out fans of the show could not help letting out their disgust on social media with one posting on Twitter that: "Wait, so [Jayne went] on their honeymoon, which she invited herself on & was supposed watch the grandkids so they can have a break/be on [their] honeymoon but they are watching their own kids now? WTF is happening here? #ILoveAMamasBoy."

Another horrified fan tweeted: "Interrupting their hot tub couple time is super creepy. Like [I] could hear the horror music in my head."

Other bizarre things that have previously happened on "I Love A Mama's Boy" include a mother-son lingerie shopping experience, per Meaww.