King Charles' Reported Invite For Prince Andrew To Balmoral Signals A Change Of Heart

King Charles III has had a number of notorious royal feuds in his lifetime. Most infamous, of course, was the bitter end of his marriage to Princess Diana, but he's had dust-ups with many other family members as well. Currently, the king's two biggest royal headaches come from his younger son, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and his brother Prince Andrew, Duke of York. Harry's tell-alls and Andrew's very public court case involving Virginia Giuffre have been a source of humiliation at a time when Charles most needs to build a reputation as a trustworthy monarch. Though the palace's stiff-upper-lip policy has kept the king from speaking directly about the royal scandals, behind the scenes the king is thought to be highly distressed over the lack of family unity.

However, there may be signs of hope yet for at least one of these chilly relationships. The Mirror reports Charles invited Andrew and his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, to stay at the family estate in Balmoral, Scotland, beginning the weekend of August 18. What's more, the Yorks are said to have been the first to get an invite for the annual summer holiday break. The sources added Andrew and Fergie traveled separately, but are staying in the same quarters within the estate: Craigowen Lodge. According to an insider who spoke to Express, "The King and Andrew are now on much better terms, and making him the first member of the family to join him is an olive branch." 

The Balmoral holiday may help mend a brotherly feud

Balmoral holds a special place in the hearts of the royal family. It's the one place where they can take a break from the pomp and circumstance of their duties and have a bit of fun. The Guardian once noted that summer holidays are marked by hunting and fishing expeditions (rain or shine), casual barbecues, parlor games, and strong drinks. The late Queen Elizabeth II was particularly fond of her getaways here, and it was only fitting that she was at Balmoral when she died. Because of the upcoming first anniversary of the queen's death, the royals' 2023 visit will be more subdued than in previous years. In fact, King Charles III will be breaking a century-long tradition by not staying in Balmoral Castle itself, but in Birkhall, his personal house on the property. It's thought being in the castle may be too painful for Charles right now. 

However, it should be comforting for the king and Queen Camilla to have some personal time with family. In addition to Prince Andrew, Duke of York, The Mirror reports most of the senior royals will be arriving over the next few weeks. The low-key atmosphere may further help the king and Andrew reconcile after his scandal, and the family will surely take time to share fond memories of the late queen. As for the other fractured royal relationship, Express reports that while Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Duke and Duchess of Sussex, have an "open invite" to royal family reunions, Charles has not specifically asked them to join him in Scotland.