What To Know About Fox News Couple Peter Doocy And Hillary Vaughn

There's no denying that Peter Doocy and Hillary Vaughn seem destined for one another. With similar interests, similar reporting jobs within the same news corporation, and even similar looks, the Fox News employees make a great match. Doocy got his start with the network in 2009 as a general assignment reporter before eventually becoming their White House correspondent. 

The outspoken journalist is probably most well-recognized for Doocy's combative relationship with former White House press secretary Jen Psaki. His intense questioning has led to some particularly viral instances, such as that one heated moment between Doocy and President Joe Biden that ended in the president calling Doocy a few choice words while not realizing his mic was still on.

Hillary Vaughn, on the other hand, began working with Fox Business Network as a D.C. correspondent in 2016. Like Doocy, she is a recognized face in political reporting. Here's everything we know about the relationship between the controversial correspondent and Fox Business' golden girl.

They got married in a small but gorgeous ceremony

Peter Doocy and Hillary Vaughn tied the knot in April 2021. Peter's father, host Steve Doocy of Fox News, announced the happy news during a segment on "Fox and Friends." The wedding ceremony took place at the stunning Montage Palmetto Bluff luxury resort in South Carolina. Because of COVID-19 concerns, the guest list was limited to less than 20 people. "The weather was perfect. The food was perfect. It was absolutely perfect," Steve, who served as the best man, gushed. 

The couple was originally set to marry in January but postponed the ceremony until April. The newlyweds took to their respective Instagram accounts to share stunning photos from their big day. Both wedding posts had a touch of humor to them — another sign of just how in sync the couple is. "She said 'I DOocy!'" was how Peter captioned the adorable photo of him and his new wife. 

In the picture, they are both draped beneath the bride's sheer wedding veil, and Peter is receiving a boop on the nose from a smiling Vaughn. For Vaughn's wedding post, she shared a selection of photos of the newlyweds cutting into their lovely four-tier wedding cake. "Life with you takes the cake!" she teased. Fox viewers, naturally, also got a firsthand look at their big day on the show.

Doocy disappeared from Fox News for a sweet reason

Fans and critics of Peter Doocy couldn't help but notice when the no-filter correspondent went MIA for weeks in July 2023, seemingly with no explanation. Doocy suddenly reappeared on "Fox and Friends" in August and finally gave a reason for his weeks-long vanishing act — the White House correspondent was on paternity leave from work so he could spend time with his new daughter.

Hillary Vaughn's pregnancy had been announced a year earlier. A beaming Vaughn proclaimed that she was "eating for two" during a live cooking segment on Fox News in September, dropping a hint that she and Doocy had a baby on the way (via Twitter). The excited couple was met with a chorus of congratulatory cheers from the other hosts.

On February 1, 2023, Vaughn gave birth to their first child, whom they named Bridget Blake Doocy. The reporters are reportedly overjoyed about their new "assignment" to become the best parents they can possibly be. "I've only been a mom for one week but it's already the best assignment I've ever had. She's stolen the show!" Vaughn told People.