Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week Of 8/28: A Guest Star Enters Salem

The citizens of Salem are in for another drama-filled week as characters spiral, relationships are tested, and some surprising faces show themselves on screen. In the coming week, fans can expect to see the aftermath of Philip's return to town, Abe and Paulina hopefully taking a step in the right direction, and a legendary guest star who is set to make his soap opera debut in Salem.

Along with those storylines, viewers will see the consequences of Sarah's secret pregnancy revealed, baby drama with Eric and Sloan, and the fallout from Brady and Kristen's custody hearing. Right now, the biggest stories on the soap revolve around the entire Kiriakis family grieving, the love triangle between Gwen, Leo, and Dimitri, and Shawn's downward spiral after shooting Bo, getting Rafe fired, and taking his job.

For curious viewers, here is what's going to happen on "Days of Our Lives" the week of August 28, 2023.

Despite the urging of others, Shawn resists seeking help

Shawn tortures himself on Monday, August 28 as his family encourages him to seek help. Shawn has been through the wringer since April, when he shot Bo and put him in a coma. Over the last couple of months, viewers have seen Shawn suspended from his job for drinking on the clock and pulling away from his family. As Belle and his loved ones insist that he isn't to blame, Shawn feels responsible for his father's current state. He refuses to confront his grief, and that will continue to build until he finally reaches a breaking point.

Kate worries Rex's relationship will end in heartbreak

As if Kate needs more to worry about, on Monday, August 28, she stresses over whether or not Rex's relationship with Sarah will break his heart. Rex and Sarah have a complicated history, and since Rex is determined to stick by Sarah through her pregnancy, Kate wonders if Sarah feels the same loyalty towards Rex. After all, now that they're back in Salem, Sarah could easily leave Rex for her baby-daddy Xander, which would leave Rex still pining for his lost love. However, Kate would do anything to protect her children, so Sarah should proceed with caution wherever Rex is concerned.

Brady learns Philip is alive

Brady's world is rocked on Tuesday, August 29 when he learns that Philip is alive and well. When Philip was last seen in 2021, Brady was accused of murdering Philip and almost arrested for the crime he didn't commit. However, Philip was trying to rekindle his relationship with Chloe by faking his own death and framing Brady for murder. Now that Philip is back, will Brady finally get answers about why he was framed, or will Philip keep up the story so that Brady will be out of his life for good?

Leo runs into Sonny

Leo runs into his old friend (and sometimes enemy) Sonny on Wednesday, August 30. With the whole Kiriakis family thrown into grief in the wake of Victor's death, fan favorites will be returning to Salem to mourn, including Sonny. Leo and Sonny have had quite the history between them as they've been enemies, lovers, and everything in between. Will this run-in be cordial as Sonny is mourning his great-uncle, or will there be a new spat between the two frenemies?

Dick Van Dyke guest stars

Fans get a welcome surprise on Friday, September 1 when Dick Van Dyke guest stars on "Days of Our Lives." It was announced back in April that Van Dyke would make his daytime soap opera debut this fall on "Days of Our Lives," as he's never appeared on a soap opera before. Per Entertainment Weekly, Van Dyke will portray an elderly man with amnesia on the soap, perhaps in Bayview with Harris and Ava. Viewers will be delighted to see such an icon grace their screens for a short time.

Rafe makes an important professional decision

Things are moving forward for Rafe on Friday, September 1 when he makes an important professional decision. Viewers have seen Rafe break the rules over the last few months, engaging in a relationship with Jada even though it was forbidden. Ultimately, it cost him his job as the commissioner, and Rafe has been lost ever since. Will this professional decision propel him back into the police force, or will he decide to give crime-fighting up for good in favor of saving his relationship with Jada?