John Stamos' Steamy Shower Photo For His 60th Birthday Has Us Saying 'Have Mercy'

John Stamos was just 24 when he began starring as Uncle Jesse on "Full House." The actor marked his 60th birthday on Aug. 19, 2023 — "Have mercy," how the years fly by. Stamos, who's gone on to star in projects like "You" and "Grandfathered" over the past few years, celebrated his milestone birthday by posting a steamy outdoor shower pic. It left little to the imagination. "The other side of 60," he wrote in his Instagram caption, giving his wife, Caitlin McHugh, photo credits. The "Full House" star also included a Greek flag emoji, perhaps implying that he celebrated his special day abroad. There's no shortage of comments under the post, with one fan joking, "Don't you mean 'the backside of 60,'" and another writing, "We want the full 360." Clearly, Stamos has his fair share of admirers.

Posing naked in showers has become somewhat of a birthday tradition for the sitcom actor ... On his 54th, he posted another semi-nude pic of himself bathing outdoors, captioning it "#54 and clean," per Today. What can we say — we respect good hygiene. 

Stamos prefers to go bare-chested when celebrating his buddy's birthdays, too. "Happy Birthday (suit) to the blonde behind the 'dick' sign! Love you," her wrote to his friend Glen Powell on Instagram, sharing a snapshot of them standing (naked) side-by-side.

John Stamos received lots of birthday love on Instagram

John Stamos' wife, Caitlin McHugh, posted an Instagram selfie alongside her husband on his birthday. "Can you believe this man is 60?!" she wrote ... to be honest, we were asking ourselves the same thing. "The only way he shows his age is in his wisdom and his extensive list of life accomplishments," she added. 

The "Full House" star also shared an Instagram video alongside his young son, Billy. "Do you know how happy I am that I turned 60 and I have such a wonderful son like you?" he asked. "You don't look 60, you look baby," said Billy — he's not wrong.

In anticipation of his 60th, John Stamos shared some of his favorite birthday memories from years prior. In one, Tom Hanks sings him a one-of-a-kind song, attempting to find words that rhyme with "Stamos." In others, he celebrates alongside his "Full House" co-stars including Bob Saget, who passed away tragically in 2022. Will John Stamos bare it all yet again on his 61st? Only time will tell. For now, we're wishing him a year full of relaxing outdoor showers.