A Peek Into The Life Of Prince Albert Of Monaco's Son Alexandre Grimaldi

Not all royals spend their lives in the spotlight. Some prefer it that way, others do so at the wishes of their parents (or the monarchy), and for those like Alexandre Grimaldi, it's probably a little bit of both.

The son of Prince Albert of Monaco, Alexandre has been doing his thing away from the limelight practically since birth. It started because his birth caused a bit of a scandal, due to his father being unmarried to his mother at the time of Alexandre's birth. Prince Albert II is head of state (the ruling monarch but not "king," according to Monaco), and in 2003, he had a son with a former flight attendant named Nicole Coste. Their son, Alexandre Grimaldi, was officially acknowledged but is barred from ever becoming HSH (that's His Serene Highness) in the principality.

Prince Albert has always been a part of his son's life, and he wasn't hidden away due to the so-called "illegitimacy" of his birth. Instead, it seems like his parents just provided him with as normal an upbringing as they could. For all their hard work, Alexandre sounds like he's pretty down to Earth.

He's focused on getting his degree

Almost two decades after being officially recognized as Albert II's son, Alexandre Grimaldi is now a college student. He may not be seen living as lavish a life as other Monaco royals like Grace Kelly look-alike Camille Gottlieb, but he does consider himself fortunate to have parents who support him fully. Not letting it go to his head, the college student told Point de Vue that he is focused on studying and obtaining a diploma because, after all, he is at "the age when you make choices. These can be good or bad depending on the background you have and those around you. I think I'm certainly a reasonable person."

Reasonable enough to weigh his current choices against his future dreams, Alexandre remarked that he once thought about being a model and was even approached by a client but that he changed his mind after reflecting on the career move during the pandemic. And what about that whole kind-of-sort-of being royalty thing? "I'm only 20. Let me get my diploma, and we'll talk about it," Alexandre told the publication.

However, he went on to say, "My father's name is Grimaldi. It makes sense that I bear his name," going on to clarify that he never goes by "Coste or Coste-Grimaldi" and dislikes being referred to as "illegitimate" (who wouldn't?!). He might still live at home with his mom and two elder half-brothers, but his father is HSH, and you would do well not to forget it.

He stands to inherit quite a bit

While he won't be inheriting the throne from his father, Prince Albert II, Alexandre Grimaldi will not ever have to worry about being financially stable. When he was recognized as the son of HSH, it essentially meant he would be taken care of for the rest of his life. Alexandre has also been more involved in Monaco events as of late, appearing as a guest at the wedding of Louis Ducruet, son of Princess Stéphanie of Monaco, in 2019. Theoretically, he may one day gain a more official role in the ongoings of the principality.

When his father publicly acknowledged him, he also gained family members. Prince Albert II had another fling before his marriage, subsequently having a daughter, Jazmin Grimaldi, with Tamara Rotolo. Jazmin is eleven years older than Alexandre. The once-aspiring model has two younger half-siblings, as well. HSH of Monaco has twins with his wife, Princess Charlene, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella. On occasion, all four kids appear together in photos on social media.

Alexandre is studying business and management at school, hopefully with a healthy dose of finance lessons since the Grimaldi children could eventually come into their father's $1 billion-plus fortune. But even without the royal coffers, we're pretty sure Alexandre has big things planned for his future. As he puts it, "Today, the most important commitment in my life is to finish my university studies and establish myself in my adult life."