Signs Jack Wagner Will Be Back For When Calls The Heart S11 Despite Exit Rumors

Season 10 of the Hallmark Channel's hit series, "When Calls the Heart," is well underway, and we already know that yet another season of Hope Valley's story is in the making. "Hearties" AKA the "When Calls The Heart" loyal fanbase all love Jack Wagner's character, Bill Avery. Bill's recent health struggles have had fans of the beloved Hallmark series on edge, wondering if a tragic turn in this favorite character's life will mean that his storyline is destined to come to an end. 

Bill is known for his strength and always acts as a rock for those around him. This makes it easy for him to put his own health and well-being on the back burner, and it allows the character's future to become even more of a source of worry. Since Bill's health situation was on an increasingly dire path for quite some time, many fans have been wondering whether this plot line may be on its way to coming to a head and whether or not that means that Wagner won't be returning for the already highly-anticipated 11th season. Luckily, with the help of a few hints from the cast as well as the way Season 10 seems to be headed so far, we have faith in the future of Hope Valley, and we've got a good feeling that Bill isn't going anywhere anytime soon. 

Jack Wagner's Instagram post speaks volumes

With all the buzz surrounding Bill Avery, it's safe to assume that the folks behind "When Calls the Heart," Jack Wagner included, are aware that fans are worried that he may be on his way out of the series. Still, it's no surprise that they may not want to give anything away about what's to come this season, even if it would ease some fearful fans' minds. Furthermore, while "When Calls The Heart" has managed to resume production during the current actors' strike thanks to the show qualifying for a specific waiver, there are still rules that apply to all members of SAG-AFTRA. One rule is that members aren't allowed to promote their work while the strike is at play. As a result, regardless of whether or not he wants to, Wagner can't really discuss filming for next season and whether he's a part of it. Luckily, he took to Instagram and found a way to put a little hope back in Hope Valley.

Wagner isn't a particularly frequent Instagram poster. In early August, though, he shared an adorable photo of the actor with his two "When Calls the Heart" costars, Kevin McGarry, and Chris McNally. He captioned the photo of the stars with "Sunday hang." This post makes it clear that the trio is together while filming for Season 11 is taking place, and while Wagner isn't technically allowed to confirm that they're working together once again, it's safe to assume.

Erin Krakow gives a mild spoiler

Of course, stars of any show won't give big spoilers for what's to come in their series in hopes of keeping viewers on their toes. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight in July, however, star and executive producer of "When Calls the Heart," Erin Krakow, gave fans a bit of a hint about what's in store for Season 10, and it makes speculating about Season 11 easier, too. "There will be some jaw dropping. There will probably be a few moments of dropped jaws," Krakow said of the 10th season. She went on to explain, "There's a bit of a life-or-death situation." While this may seem like it could spell bad news for Bill Avery, she confirmed that while there is a life-or-death situation this season, everyone makes it out alive. She added, though, "It gets a little dicey for a second."

It's not certain that this forthcoming life-threatening plot point will necessarily affect Bill, but since he is the character who has been dealing with health struggles, it's easy for fans to assume that this is, in fact, about him. So, if things do get particularly tough for Bill, we can keep Krakow's mild spoiler in mind and have faith that he's likely to pull through.

Hope Valley's hot springs are healing

We've been lucky enough to get a few hints about Bill Avery's future courtesy of the stars, themselves, but what's actually going on in Hope Valley can give us a bit of insight, as well. At the beginning of Season 10, a hot spring was discovered in the town. There are many reasons why the residents of Hope Valley believe that the springs will benefit their community, but one particularly unusual power may be the key to Bill's well-being.

The springs have some mysterious healing properties, and they seem to be at work on Bill's illness. Faith thinks that there's really something to the springs' surprising abilities and is interested in studying what's going on. In a Facebook live interview with some of the "When Calls the Heart" cast members, Jack Wagner shared what this may ultimately mean for his character. According to Wagner, Bill "sort of hides that this is a healing process for him." He adds that "he's got this little gold mine of health for himself, that eventually he gets busted on and it's pretty funny." Wagner goes on to say "Erin [Krakow, who plays Elizabeth,] and I have a scene actually at the spring where, you know, it's life changing." And according to him, "That's kind of what it represents, and it opens up this whole, you know, sort of new life for Bill."

Will Bill fall in love this season?

When it comes to "the new life" that's ahead, it seems that there's more in store than just a clean bill of health for Bill Avery. According to Jack Wagner, Bill is even going to be feeling well enough to get back in the dating game –– a game that he's been steering clear of for quite some time. "It happens," Wagner said in his Facebook live interview, adding, "It happens! There's a smokin' hot blonde that comes to town and he goes for it. What can I say?" It sounds like things will be looking up for Bill in more ways than one. 

"I love the way that they've written it," Wagner says of his character's new romance. "So Bill, we've seen him a bit verklempt in this season and at a crossroads in terms of, you know, is he really going to change his life? He's a bachelor and the way this character and, actually, her son ... has got a lot of mystery to it, which I think is the best part. It's mysterious, it's a bit dangerous, but yet we see him open his heart and actually feel romance for the first time in quite a while." It's safe to say that Bill's life is on the up and up, and folks who have been worried about his health issues can rest easy. Now, it's all about hoping he's finally on his way to finding "the one."