Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week Of 9/4: Marlena Lends A Hand, Sarah Feels Torn

As the promise of fall and cool weather lingers in the air, storylines are bound to heat up this week on "Days of Our Lives." Fans can expect to see investigations into Salem's new mystery man by beloved partnership Black-Patch, Ava's battle with her guilt over Susan Banks' death, and a new couple finally taking their relationship to the next level.

Aside from these stories, viewers of the soap will also be treated to the fallout of Philip's recent return to Salem, Sloan's indecision on whether or not to confess her secrets to Eric, and the Kiriakis family's emotional farewell to Victor. Currently, the biggest storylines follow Sarah, Rex, Xander, and Chloe as both couples plan to wed, and the never-ending parade of past Salemites returning for Victor's funeral.

Continue on at your own discretion: Here's what is going to happen on "Days of Our Lives" the week of September 4, 2023.

Marlena agrees to help Ava

Marlena reaches out a helping hand to Ava on Monday, September 4. Since Ava's return to the screen, viewers have seen her slow but steady progress in Bayview as she recovers from hallucinations and guilt over killing Susan Banks. However, just as she hoped she was turning a corner, the visions came back, upsetting her even more. Harris Michaels, a fellow Bayview resident, asked Marlena if she would consider taking Ava on as a patient, and she finally agreed. But will Marlena's help be too little, too late for Ava?

Sarah struggles with her feelings for Xander

On Tuesday, September 5, Sarah is torn between her fear and feelings for Xander. As Sarah returns to Salem to comfort a grieving Maggie, she's also coming face-to-face with the (oblivious) father of her child. Even though Sarah has renewed her relationship with Rex, accepted his proposal, and plans to tell everyone the child is his, she's also come very close to telling Xander the truth. Facing Xander again causes all of her old feelings for him to come flooding back, and now Sarah is left to decide whether or not she wants to give him another chance.

Tripp and Wendy meet at the Salem Inn for a special night

Love is in the air on Wednesday, September 6 when Wendy and Tripp share a special night together at the Salem Inn. Viewers have seen the two lovebirds grow together, first as friends, then as more when Wendy chose Tripp over Johnny after casually dating both of them. Over the last few weeks, the couple has been struggling to find alone time, with Tripp's busy schedule and Wendy's brother butting in at every chance. But they are finally able to take their relationship to the next level, and appreciate their time together.

Rafe learns there is trouble at Bayview

There is also danger in the air on Wednesday, September 6 when Rafe hears that there is trouble going on at Bayview. With Ava's relapse and Harris' arrival at Bayview, there has certainly been a lot of commotion going on there recently. Those two are no strangers to causing trouble and chaos wherever they go, and this time it's no different. Will Ava and Rafe's past relationship (and long, messy breakup) play a part in who he blames for the problem, or does he still harbor a soft spot for his former love?

A grieving Maggie pushes Sarah to tell Xander the truth

On Thursday, September 7, Maggie tries to make Sarah see reason and tell Xander the truth about her baby. It's no secret that Maggie loves Xander like a son and that she would be thrilled to see him and Sarah reunite. But Sarah fears that her child would be in danger if Xander were to find out that it's his child, too. As Maggie continues to grieve Victor, she pushes Sarah to seize every day and stop taking time for granted, which in her eyes means revealing all to Xander and reconciling with him.

John uncovers a secret about the mystery man

Suspicion builds around Salem's newest addition on Friday, September 8. John, with the help of Steve, discovers a secret about the mystery man whom Kayla is treating for amnesia. Played by TV icon Dick Van Dyke, the man claims that he's in Salem on an important mission, but due to his memory loss, he can't remember who he is. Will John and Steve be able to find out who this man is, and what possible mission he could be on that would lead him to Salem?