Where You've Seen Grey's Anatomy Star Adelaide Kane Before

Actor Adelaide Kane plays Jules Millin on "Grey's Anatomy," joining the cast for Season 19 of the medical drama. When her character was announced, she was described as being, " ... a little bossy — but her heart is always in the right place. She's not afraid to break the rules to save a life, and sometimes it gets her in trouble" (via TVLine). Like Kim Raver, who confirmed she's returning to "Grey's Anatomy" for Season 20, Kane most likely will return, as well.

Chances are, you've seen Kane on your TV screen before she appeared as Jules in the hallowed halls of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Fans of "Teen Wolf" will remember her as Season 3's werewolf Cora Hale. Kane auditioned for a different character in Season 2, and then for a Season 3 character that was only supposed to be in a single episode. However, the creator of the show Jeff Davis recognized her from her previous audition and invited her to audition for the role of Cora.

In an interview on the "Teen Wolf" set, Kane praised the cast of "Teen Wolf" for being kind, and she also said she enjoyed getting to do her own stunts when she could: "I'm always down to get thrown around, but it's also a safety issue. They can't afford to break the actors' noses, so we have stunt doubles. But as much as I can, I really enjoy getting involved in the more physical side of things" (via Collider). 

Adelaide Kane starred in a historical fiction on the CW

In addition to a werewolf and a doctor, Adelaide Kane has portrayed a powerful historical figure: Mary Queen of Scots in all four seasons of the CW show "Reign." Kane told Collider that she found her character Mary relatable in a way: "She's a fish out of water. She had these expectations of what the world would be like, and they've just been shattered. ... And I've felt out of place many, many times in my life, and I probably will continue to do so. Everybody does."

Despite the fact that Mary Queen of Scots was a real person, "Reign" is not meant to be a true retelling of history. In an interview with POPSUGAR, Kane said, "I would say it's more historical fiction than anything else. It's very 'Gossip Girl' meets 'The Tudors,' and it's good fun." She also discussed the costuming on the show, and how in a modern twist, they sometimes wore pieces from big-name designer brands like Prada.

When asked about the "universal emotions" intertwined into the story, Kane called the show, " ... a little soapy, but it's fun. And of course, with drama, I think human interaction is compelling. Human emotion is compelling. And I think that's something that crosses or transcends a lot of barriers like time. Time, space, culture, class." Since feelings like love and jealousy are something everyone experiences, Kane felt the drama on "Reign" was relatable to all.

Which iconic fairytale character did Adelaide Kane play?

If you are interested in having an Adelaide Kane marathon, you'll notice that her IMDb page includes a Hallmark holiday flick titled "A Midnight Kiss." Hallmark Christmas movies could be beneficial for your mental health, so it's definitely worth a watch. For fans of the fantastical, you may have also seen Kane as Ivy/Drizella in Season 7 of ABC's "Once Upon a Time." A nasty, wicked stepsister to Jacinda/Cinderella, Ivy is not someone you want to cross.

However, a similarity between Ivy/Drizella and Mary from "Reign" is a fashionable wardrobe. Kane also enjoyed playing Ivy, despite the character's bad attitude. Kane told Entertainment Weekly, "I'm in really, really cute clothes. My slogan for [Ivy/Drizella] is buttoned-up and b***hy. ... I get some really fun lines where I can just snap back at people. I've been having a great time. She's very funny. She's the worst in a hilarious way."

These are just some of the roles Kane has inhabited over her career leading up to "Grey's Anatomy." It will be exciting to see what kind of role she plays next and what Jules faces in the new season of "Grey's."