The Real-Life Partners Of The Cast Of Outlander

Since it first premiered in 2014, "Outlander" has had a hold on its devoted audience — hey, who doesn't love historical dramas that feature good-looking people against the backdrop of magnificent Scottish scenery? Even several seasons into its run, the Starz show didn't lose its lustre; it landed a place in top weekly rankings alongside formidable competitors like Netflix's "Bridgerton" in 2021. But, as goes the old adage, all good things come to an end, with an 8th and final season hopefully setting up the show to go out in a blaze of glory. 

Over the decade, "Outlander" has gained momentum as much through its richly layered narrative as the stars who run the show. An ensemble of talented actors — some long beloved, others on the rise – stepped into the shoes of the Frasers and their kin and, in the process, precipitated some iconic screen pairings. Fans who can't get enough of "Outlander" romances will be especially glad to know that many of their favorite stars have secured similar (if not deeper) romances off-camera as well. Take a look at the real-life partners and rumored love interests of the cast of "Outlander."

Caitríona Balfe's husband is a music producer

She may have garnered global fame for playing the lead standout Claire Fraser in "Outlander," but when it comes to her life off-camera, Caitríona Balfe likes to keep things out of the spotlight. More is known about Balfe's romance with her on-screen husband Jamie Fraser (played by Sam Heughan) than with her real-life partner Tony McGill, with whom the Irish star shares a private relationship away from the public eye. "It happened over the break. I'm very happy," was all she let slip to People about her engagement in 2018, when she was spotted with a ring on her finger at the Golden Globes. 

Needless to say, the details of their church wedding in England in 2019 remain tightly under wraps. What we do know? It wasn't an elaborate to-do. "I managed to squeeze it in on a weekend during production," Balfe told the Inquirer. Fans first caught wind of Balfe's relationship with McGill when the two were spotted together in an intimate setting on a friend's social media in 2015. 

This wasn't long after "Outlander" premiered, setting in motion rumors of a romance between Balfe and Heughan. Her strong understanding with both her partner and co-star, however, didn't put pressure on either of Balfe's relationships. On the contrary, she has much to be grateful to the Starz show for, in how it admittedly orchestrated her meeting with McGill and made her a more romantic person. The pair welcomed a child in 2021. 

Graham McTavish had a dreamy castle wedding in Scotland

The love of Scottish actor Graham McTavish's life was waiting for him all the way over in France. Garance Doré, a French writer and entrepreneur, tied the knot with the "Outlander" star in a private ceremony in his homeland. The setting for McTavish and Doré's wedding in the majestic Borthwick Castle was as magical as one would imagine a Scottish wedding to be — sporrans and kilts included. "I felt surrounded by love," McTavish, who planned much of his own wedding, told Vogue. "The celebrant was a friend of 20 years. The bagpiper was a friend. I had friends from all corners of the globe there." The actor's two children, whom he shares with his first wife Gwen Isaac, were also part of the celebrations. 

Though McTavish is anything but, his love story with Doré was as millennial as it gets. The pair connected with each other via dating app Raya, with "The Hobbit" star joking that he "managed to slip through her algorithm, as she had forgotten to exclude men who resembled grumpy, bearded grandfathers." Their romance was seemingly electric from the get-go and the couple had a short courtship before McTavish popped the question. Post their 2023 nuptials, the pair kept the celebrations going in Seville, Spain, where the scenes were akin to those of a romantic film, McTavish gushed on Instagram

Sam Heughan was last seen out and about with a model

"Outlander" heartthrob and Hallmark Channel alum Sam Heughan has inspired many a passion in fans of the show across the world, easily shining through as the Starz series' most popular celebrity. As big a star he is, the actor who plays Jamie Fraser keeps his private life private. The actor has a millions-strong Instagram presence, but his profile rarely features juicy deets about his off-camera shenanigans — least of all his romantic endeavors. "I don't really talk about who I'm dating," he once told Esquire, elaborating on how "it puts too much pressure mostly on your partner or yourself, but also their families as well, as fans can be pretty ... intense." But being the heartthrob that he is, Heughan can hardly escape speculation around his love life.

He was last linked to model Monika Clarke when E! News published photos of them enjoying an intimate lunch date. Heughan's list of rumored girlfriends is much longer, including the likes of his on-screen lover Caitríona Balfe, but the more-than-eligible bachelor is admittedly still waiting for profound love. He told People, "I've done all of the gift-giving and turning up when least expected, but, so far, I'm still looking." 

David Berry and his wife welcomed a child in 2016

His breathtakingly good looks and suave portrayal of Lord John Grey made David Berry an instant hit when he first appeared on the third season of "Outlander" in 2017. Unfortunately for fans swooning over him, the actor was more than taken. Long before he became a television star, Berry had said "I do" to the love of his life Kristina Tesic in 2012. The two share a son, whose birth Berry was almost too late for, courtesy of the shooting schedules for "Outlander" in Scotland. "The day I landed I went straight to the hospital because my wife was in labor ... and he was born that night. His timing was impeccable," the Australian actor told Sydney Confidential

Berry's popularity had already been sealed with his starring role on the Australian series "A Place to Call Home," which started in 2013. "Outlander" further propelled him to mainstream stardom and his career to greater heights — a milestone he has Tesic's mother to thank for. Berry was apparently hesitant to take on a role in the Starz historical drama, especially with Tesic's pregnancy under way. It was his mother-in-law — "a huge super fan" of the show, according to Berry — whose blessing gave him the confidence to go ahead with the project. 

Lauren Lyle was rumored to be dating her on-screen husband César Domboy

Talk about sizzling chemistry. Lauren Lyle and César Domboy may be one of the most beloved couples on "Outlander" but fans have long suspected that the actors' romance transcends the screen. It could just be that Lyle and Domboy's commitment to their craft makes their dynamic so believable; though it's not hard to see why speculation about their relationship exists. The pair — who played Marsali and Fergus Fraser between the historical drama's 3rd and 6th seasons — seem to share a deep friendship that includes knowing the innermost details about each others' lives. "She'd drink an oat milk latte if she's in a good mood. She'd drink peppermint tea if she's in a bad mood," Domboy said about Lyle in a Starz interview. Oh, and of course they exchange memes, too. 

Shooting schedules for "Outlander," which included quite a few intimate scenes between Lyle and Domboy's characters, ensured a lot of time together for the pair. In fact, while the cast was observing pandemic protocol the actors visited each other's places. "We stayed together a lot, which was great," Domboy told ET. "We know how to keep ourselves busy, Lauren and I." Domboy and Lyle's off-camera friendship is inextricable from their characters, especially when it comes to fan popularity. As Doyle once told Elle: "The audience will want to root for this. It's young love." 

Maria Doyle Kennedy's husband is a musician like her

To "Outlander" fans, her portrayal of Jocasta Cameron may be the highlight of Maria Doyle Kennedy's resume. To much of the world beyond, she is as much a skilled musician as she is an actor. Her passion for music since a young age didn't just pave her way to fame but also toward her future husband, Kieran Kennedy. A musician like herself, he approached her via their common musical circuits, inviting Doyle Kennedy to sing for him. "So he got a group of musicians together to record this demo and convinced someone to pay for the studio time and literally made a band so he could ask me out," she told GoldenPlec magazine. 

The pair eventually got married in 1988, tied together by four kids and also their shared enthusiasm for music. As the "Sing Street" star put it: "Working together has kind of made our relationship deeper." Collaborators for about two decades, the couple have figured out their individual musical styles to complement each other. Doyle Kennedy, for instance, prefers distancing herself to focus better on music while a pair of headphones does the trick for her husband, she told The Times. That said, the family enjoys a tight-knit dynamic. "It doesn't suit us to be apart, or away from the kids, for too long," said the actor. 

Laura Donnelly has two children with celebrated playwright Jez Butterworth

Laura Donnelly and Jez Butterworth are bound by more than a domestic life together. One an actor and the other a playwright, the creative powerhouse couple share a connection by way of their artistic abilities immortalized most profoundly through "The Ferryman." The 2017 production was the brainchild of Butterworth, who drew inspiration from his partner Donnelly's life — as it related to her uncle's "disappearance" administered by the Irish Republican Army (IRA) — and reimagined it for the stage. 

Donnelly herself was given a key role as the protagonist's widow in the play, which was showered with accolades (including multiple Tonys) and became a sensation in the theater world. "It has been emotional to be able to turn something very tragic around into something really joyous—particularly for my mother," she told about her partner's endeavor. 

Fortuitously enough, theater was also the starting point of Donnelly and Butterworth's relationship. The duo came together while collaborating on Butterworth's 2012 play "The River" in which Donnelly had a part. As the "Outlander" star told The Guardian, Butterworth's talent struck her from the get-go: "It's incredibly easy to find the truth, the rhythm and the sense of what Jez writes." The pair have two children together. 

Steven Cree's wife is a casting director

One an actor, the other a casting director: it would have been near impossible for Steven Cree and wife Kahleen Crawford's paths to not have crossed in the industry. The talent-finding authority behind titles like "In Plain Sight," "Rebus," and "River City," Crawford attributes perfect timing to her relationship with Cree. According to The Herald, the artistic pair had known of each other in a professional capacity for some years before they actually started dating. 

Cree was on the cusp of his prominent role as Ian Murray in "Outlander" when he asked Crawford out in 2013 — although that didn't guarantee any abundance of future projects for him. "I have to say she has never hired me. There is no nepotism whatsoever," he told The Herald in 2017. The Scottish couple tied the knot in 2016 and eventually welcomed a daughter together.

Cree and Crawford's marriage is one of equal partnership, with either partner filling in for the parental and professional roles when required. As he told The Scotsman, he stayed home from work while Crawford went back to her career in the months following the birth of their child. "For the first time I wasn't just obsessing about myself all the time or just thinking about my career," he said, gushing about the proverbial change fatherhood brought in him. 

Simon Callow met his husband at a concert

Simon Callow's love story is as awe-inspiring as his screen career. In a meet-cute tailor-made for Hollywood, Callow first crossed paths with his to-be husband at a London Philharmonic Orchestra concerto that had him in the role of a narrator. A mutual friend introduced the acting giant to Sebastian Fox, a man over 30 years his junior. In true rom-com fashion, Callow and Fox didn't immediately become a thing. The friend who was playing cupid had to arrange a second, more substantial dinner meeting for the pair before Fox made an impact on Callow (more in some aspects than others). "I remember thinking, very vividly, how electric your energy was. I thought, gosh, he's very attractive from behind," Callow told Fox in a joint interview for The Guardian

They had a courtship that included romantic gestures, cultural arts, unwavering commitment — and also a generous supply of differences. Fox had a corporate job and the nature of Callow's work kept him traveling through a crucial part of their relationship. But the pair had enough love in store to get by. "So it meant something when we committed ourselves to each other, just on a personal level rather than a formal one. We really knew who we were," Callow told The Times. Callow and Fox had a dream wedding in Mykonos in 2016, four years after their first meeting. 

Annette Badland found love in a fellow actor

Everybody knows Annette Badland. It would be tough not to, given that the veteran actor has nearly 200 acting credits to her name. But few know that the star of shows such as "Doctor Who," "Outlander," and "Midsomer Murders" isn't the only actor in her house. Badland has long shared her profession as well as a long-term romance with her live-in partner David Hatton. Their story goes all the way back to 1979 when Hatton watched Badland on stage. "He fell in love with me over the footlights and kept coming back to see me. It was rather romantic," she told the Birmingham Post. London is home for the couple who haven't married but live together in domestic bliss. 

For the veteran actor, weekends are all about taking it slow and spending time with Hatton. "We have brunch: smoked salmon and scramblies or eggs Florentine," she once told The Guardian. Their Sundays are made up of music, crosswords, and "a prance around the living room." Badland's choices in life, as in her career, have been full of spunk. The actor shunned the marital conventions of taking her partner's name or sharing children with him. As a result, Hatton's garden gets the full blast of her motherly love: "Gardening's an act of hope. ... I don't have children, so it's part of my nurturing." 

Billy Boyd and Alison McKinnon were long-term partners before marrying

Billy Boyd — or Pippin from "The Lord of the Rings," for those who please — found love outside of the hobbit world in Scotland all the way back in 2002. The actor, who had already landed his career-making role in the J.R.R. Tolkien-inspired franchise by then, met Alison McKinnon at a pantomime show he was attending in Glasgow with some actor friends. A long eight-year courtship followed, as did parenthood when the two welcomed a son together. They tied the knot in 2010. "There was never a big decision not to marry — we just hadn't got around to it," Boyd explained at the time, per The Scotsman.

The nuptials were kept lowkey at Glasgow's artistic hub of Oran Mor, a venue with apparent special significance for Boyd who regularly haunted it. Fans were tickled to know that Boyd's "LOTR" co-stars including Elijah Wood and Dominic Monaghan took part in the wedding revelry. Boyd, who has been with his ballet dancer wife for about two decades, is also a strong supporter of marriage equality in his home country of Scotland, which made same-sex marriages legal in 2014. He said in a video for Equality Network: "I think the most important force in the universe is love."

Tanya Reynolds has been linked to another established actor

Actors Tanya Reynolds and Freddie Fox are both known for keeping the juicy details of their personal lives under the radar. But when the "Outlander" star featured Fox on her artsy social media feed, it didn't take long for fans to make a romantic connection between the two. Add to that reports from The Sun that the couple supposedly quarantined together during the initial period of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. "It's early days but the pair are infatuated with each other," a source said. 

A member of Britain's revered Fox acting dynasty, the 30-something performer is already a stage and screen icon best recognized for his "nasty posh guy" roles, as he put it to The Guardian. Among his countless credits, some of the most prominent relate to his appearances in "The Judas Kiss," "Travesties," and "Hamlet." He co-starred with Reynolds in 2019's "Fanny Lye Deliver'd" but the rumored couple would've presumably met much earlier, given that the film spent years in post-production. 

Though Fox turning muse for Reynolds' photography was all the glimpse fans got into their friendship, his sensitive take on filming nude scenes with Reynolds was notable. "Sets are frightening enough places without taking your clothes off in front of 50 people," he told The Guardian. "This was Tanya's first film, so for her to do all that was very intense." 

Bill Paterson and his designer wife have been married since 1984

Bill Paterson has had an illustrious acting career spanning film and television. The Scottish doyen is a master of his skill but credit for his success is due also to the woman standing rock solid beside him for years: his wife, Hildegard Bechtler. An active career woman herself, Bechtler was working as a film designer when she stepped back to stabilize her domestic life, with a child in one hand and a husband away at work. "At first, I was upset about leaving film. If I hadn't had a young family and a busy actor husband, I'd probably still be doing it," she told The Guardian. While Paterson continued charting an upward trajectory on screen after starting a family with Bechtler in 1984, the shift proved momentous for the German artist, too. 

For all the convenience and creative freedom it offered, Bechtler turned her attention to theater designing. It was perceivably a full circle moment for the couple who discovered each other through theater. Bechtler was just starting out in design with a play titled "Ella" that had Paterson as the main act. The spark was instant, she told The Independent. "I just wanted to be around him. ... He'd be intense and serious then break into laughter and light-heartedness." It took some time for things to graduate to the next level but when they did, the passion spawned two unplanned children, a decades-long marriage, and unwavering love. 

Douglas Henshall's wife is an accomplished writer

With his starring role in "Shetland" and memorable appearances in shows like "Outlander," Douglas Henshall may be a well-regarded television veteran. But his wife is not any less of a celebrity in her own field. In fact, Tena Štivičić, a Croatia-born playwright, can boast of award-winning works to her name. Plays like "Fragile!" and "Invisible" brought her much renown in her local as well as English theater circuits, while "3 Winters" earned her the prestigious Susan Smith Blackburn Prize in 2015. 

Though she is also the mastermind behind "Wednesday" – a pandemic-inspired comedy that explores the murderous tensions between an artistic couple locked together under one roof — Henshall and her get by without such friction. "We've lived together for 14 years so we don't mess around with what we say to each other any more," Henshall told The Sunday Post. Together in 2017, the pair welcomed a daughter.

Fatherhood was a milestone Henshall crossed after much deliberation in his 50s. Marrying Štivičić, on the other hand, was an equally impulsive decision. "She's about as perfect a match as I could ever find, so if it doesn't work with her it's not going to work," the actor told The Scotsman in 2010, the year he and Štivičić had an impromptu wedding in Vegas.