A Timeline Of Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner's Relationship

Joe Jonas is no stranger to public breakups. From the infamous 27-second phone call to Taylor Swift that bluntly ended their relationship, to the dramatic falling out with "Camp Rock" co-star Demi Lovato, the ups and downs of Jonas' love life have always made headline news. However, no split of his is as shocking as his divorce from Sophie Turner. The "Love Bug" singer and "Game of Thrones" actor tied the knot in 2019 and seemed to be as happy as the other couples in the Jonas family. Alongside his younger brother Nick Jonas, Joe proved that you can tie the knot with another big star and keep your relationship low-key. Outside of being spotted together in public and attending award shows together, the two stars worked overtime to keep their careers and personal lives separate as possible. "Every time Joe and I do a red carpet together, we make sure it's for the right reason and makes sense for our careers. You never want to market yourself as a celebrity couple. It's not that cool," Turner told Elle UK in 2022.

Unfortunately for the pair, their divorce has been far from low-key. But before we jump into all the drama surrounding the dissolution of their relationship, let's take a look at how everything started with Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner.

Joe Jons slid in Sophie Turner's DMs

For Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas, their love story began like every other modern love story — social media. According to Turner, the middle Jonas brother wasn't afraid to make the first move. The two reportedly were following each other on Instagram for a while before the singer hopped in her DMs. "We had a lot of mutual friends and they'd been trying to introduce us for a long time," Turner recalled to Harper's Bazaar in 2019. While their friends failed to make the introduction happen, Jonas' simple DM proved to be a success and the two soon connected in person. 

On their first meeting, the sparks between the two were instant, which caught Turner by surprise. Despite agreeing to meet up with him, the actor was worried that it would be a total disaster. "I expected him to show up with security and everything. I thought he would be such a d**k," the actor told Elle UK in 2020. "I took all my guy friends with me to meet him, because in the back of my mind I was worried he could be a catfish, or... I don't know what." 

Jonas exceeded her expectations by arriving on their first date with just a friend. The two danced and got on like gangbusters. "We talked for hours, and hours, and hours. And I wasn't bored. It wasn't contrived, it wasn't small talk — it was just so easy," she gushed.

They quickly made things official

When stars as big as Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas step out together, it's hard to keep things a secret. In November 2016, the two A-listers were spotted enjoying time together in Europe. The pair attended a pre-MTV Europe Music Awards Kings of Leon concert and fans were quick to snap photos of the two looking like lovebirds. As People reported at the time, the two sat closely together and even shared some PDA during the concert. 

A month later, things between the two seemed to have progressed: Jonas was spotted out and about with Turner and her parents. After meeting the parents, a source told People that the two were now dating exclusively (via OK! magazine). "[Joe] was playing the field, but he really likes her and is willing to settle down for her," the source dished. The following January, they were ready to make things Instagram official — much to the delight of fans. Turner took to Instagram to share a photo of Jonas casually smoking a cigar on a boat. "Miami Daze," she wrote in the caption.

Sophie Turner confirmed she was in a 'very private relationship'

Despite making their relationship official, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner remained mum about their relationship in public. The two were good at keeping things discreet but in July 2017 the "Game of Thrones" actor finally spoke to the press about her budding romance with the Jonas Brothers rocker. In an interview with the Sunday Times, Turner confirmed she was seeing someone, but made sure not to reveal the identity of her famous beau. "I'm in a relationship, but it's a very private relationship," she told the outlet. While she didn't drop his name, Turner praised her boyfriend and credited the relationship for her coming out of her shell.

"I very much isolated myself for a while and forgot what was fun," she shared. "Going out with friends, going out to eat, not really having a care. And people I've met recently in my life have drawn me out of that. It really helps you own those insecurities. The things I tortured myself about before, I can forget about." Later in 2019, she said she met the singer when she was having a tough time. "He was, like, 'I can't be with you until you love yourself ... I think he kind of saved my life, in a way," she told the Sunday Times.

While gracing the cover of Marie Claire in 2017. Turner confirmed that she was happy in her relationship but skirted around giving any more information about the two.

They got engaged a year after dating

Just a year after Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas began dating, they left fans everywhere in a state of shock by announcing their engagement. In October 2017, Turner took to her Instagram to post a photo of their hands intertwined and a giant rock sitting on her ring finger. "I said yes," she wrote. 

Before Jonas popped the question, he followed an engagement tradition that proved to be easier said than done. "I was probably more nervous to ask her dad than I was to ask her," he told Ryan Seacrest. "It just all mumbles up and then ... you throw it out there and you hope that the response is good." Fortunately for Jonas, Turner's dad gave his blessing and Turner herself responded with an ecstatic yes. 

An engagement seemed to be a natural next step for this couple. Just a month before Jonas popped the question, the two revealed that they adopted a puppy named Porky together. In April 2018, Turner spoke to Marie Claire about settling down with Jonas. "There's a sense of peace that comes with finding your person," she told the outlet. Despite the excitement about getting engaged to a Jonas brother, the actor made sure to mention that her acting career would not be put on the back burner. 

They made a fashionable red carpet debut at Paris Fashion Week

Even though they publicly confirmed their engagement and shared rare social media posts of each other, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas didn't make things red carpet official until October 2018. Only a year after their engagement, the couple chose to make their formal debut at one of the biggest events of the year: Paris Fashion Week. The young stylish couple walked the red carpet at the Louis Vuitton fashion show while holding hands and wearing a matching color-coordinated outfit.

Jonas wore a snazzy Louis Vuitton gray suit while Turner looked stunning in a high-waisted grey skirt with an embellished black shirt that tied at her waist. Outside of posing for paparazzi photos all night, Turner took adorable personal photos inside the event with her fiancé. Turner shared with fans a sweet photo of the two on her Instagram. "With my love in Paris," she captioned the photo of the two cuddled up as Jonas planted a kiss on her cheek.

They tied the knot in at a surprise Las Vegas wedding

When they announced their engagement, fans got right to wondering what Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas' wedding would look like. Would it be a fairytale wedding at a "Game of Thrones" style castle or would it be an elaborate three-day event like Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra's 2018 wedding? Well, the couple took everyone by surprise (including their parents) by choosing neither. In May 2019, the pair tied the knot at an impromptu ceremony in Las Vegas. Just hours after the Jonas Brothers performed at the Billboard Music Awards, the couple headed to the chapel to get married by an Elvis impersonator and exchange vows and Ring Pops.

Jonas and Turner invited friends and the other Jonas Brothers to the ceremony, and Diplo live-streamed the entire thing on his Instagram. In an interview with GQ, Jonas revealed that the impromptu wedding turned out great... except some very important people weren't given a heads up. "It blew up in our faces because my parents called me the next morning and they were like, "Did you just get married?" and I realized I told everybody but I forgot to tell my parents," Jonas said.

Even so, the Las Vegas wedding was something of a necessity. "We had to do a legal marriage before we did a real big one," Jonas explained to Harper's Bazaar. "It was either the courthouse, or our version, and I preferred our version. Friends, Elvis, and Ring Pops."

They tied the knot again in France

When you get married in Las Vegas and forget to tell your parents, the only way to make it up to them is to get married again. Less than a month after their impromptu wedding, the newlyweds flew to France to have a more traditional ceremony at Le Château de Tourreau. Just days before the nuptials, People reported that their famous pals like Ashley Graham, Maise Williams, and even Dr. Phil had arrived in France for the couple's rehearsal dinner. The actor also chose none other than "Game of Thrones" co-star Maisie Williams as her maid of honor. 

On the big day, Turner wore a Louis Vuitton dress with a long veil. E! News reported that the big ceremony was quite emotional for the two. "Joe and Sophie both teared up while reading their vows," a source told the outlet. "Everyone stood and cheered and they had huge smiles as they left as a couple. It was an emotional ceremony." The pair kept the details of their special day private, but days after the wedding Sophie shared a small glimpse with her fans. She posted a black and white photo of the pair walking down the aisle on her Instagram. "Mr and Mrs Jonas," she wrote.

On her second wedding anniversary, Turner celebrated by posting more intimate shots of the wedding. In an Instagram carousel, she shared behind-the-scenes photos featuring her bridesmaids, the elaborate wedding cake, and more.

They welcomed their first child together

2020 was a transformative year for many, including Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner. In June of that year, paparazzi spotted the actor out and about in Los Angeles wearing a mask and rocking an obvious baby bump. The ever-so-private couple never publicly confirmed the pregnancy. The next month, TMZ reported that the two welcomed a baby girl named Willa. Following the birth, a source told Entertainment Tonight that the new parents were happy to be parents but were making privacy their top priority. "The couple is taking time to enjoy this special moment and have only shared the news and updates with family and friends," the source told the outlet. "With the pandemic, Joe and Sophie have been very cautious about who is around them and their little girl." 

Two months after welcoming Willa, the excited new mom took to Instagram to share a throwback picture from her pregnancy journey. In the photo, she proudly displayed her baby bump while rocking a bikini.

In an interview with "CBS This Morning," the new dad also shared his excitement. He described how grateful he was to get family time during the nationwide lockdown. "You know, I'm always on the go, I'm always moving and traveling and touring, and to be in one place for a solid amount of time and just have my feet on the ground and be with my family, my immediate family, is time I don't think I'll get back," Jonas said. "I'm so thankful and grateful."

They welcomed a second daughter together

In 2022, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's family expanded again. In an interview with Elle UK in May, the "Do Revenge" actor revealed that she was expecting a second child with her husband. "It's what life is about for me — raising the next generation," she said. "The greatest thing in life is seeing my daughter go from strength to strength. We're so excited to be expanding the family. It's the best blessing ever." During her second pregnancy, the couple walked the Met Gala red carpet together. While wearing a gorgeous black embroidered gown, Turner cradled her growing baby bump. 

In July of that year, People confirmed that the two welcomed their second child together, another baby girl. The little one's parents have chosen to keep the name a secret from the public. 

While Turner continues to balance motherhood and acting, Jonas has been balancing fatherhood, a singing career, and an acting career. According to him, the hectic schedule is something he's still learning how to balance. "It's an adjustment period," he told People. "Just something that I'm learning as I go, I think I can now work a little bit harder to take time off. I'm still trying to figure it out."

Sophie Turner cheered on the Jonas Brothers in 2023

In May 2023, Jonas Brothers fans everywhere squealed with excitement when the "Burnin' Up" rockers announced they were heading out on a massive summer tour. The highly-anticipated tour kicked off in August with two sold-out shows at Yankee Stadium in New York City, and Sophie Turner was there to cheer on her husband. The actor wore a sequined green mini-dress to the first show and shared an adorable photo on Instagram of the two backstage showing a little PDA. 

While on stage, the group performed many of their classic hits, but one song in particular held a special meaning. Before performing the track "Hesitate" Joe told the crowd he was dedicating the song to his wife. As captured on TikTok, he addressed her directly and gave her a shoutout. "If you're going through a tough time, they reach out to you, they've got your back no matter what. That person is here with me tonight. Sophie. So I'd love to hear you sing this with me if you don't mind," he said. The public declaration of love was met with cheers from the Jonas fans in the stadium.

Rumors bubbled up about Joe Jonas hiring a divorce lawyer

Less than a month after being spotted at the sold out Jonas Brother shows in Yankee Stadium, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's marriage was under a microscope. On September 3, 2023, TMZ reported that Jonas was looking to hire a divorce lawyer after hitting a rough patch in the marriage. A source close to the singer told the outlet that the last six months of their marriage had been "difficult" and the singer only saw divorce as his only option. Though the rumors were shocking — the pair seemed lovey-dovey just a month earlier — the photos of Jonas not wearing his wedding ring while running errands only added fuel to the fire. Just a day prior to the TMZ report, some of the singer's fans noted the missing piece of jewelry on the band's Reddit forum. "Has anyone noticed that Joe has been without his wedding ring the last two shows? Maybe he lost it or damaged it and is getting it fixed, but I think it's odd considering he's always wearing it," a fan wrote.

The source also claimed that Jonas had been the main caretaker of their two daughters in recent months. While Jonas was on the road with his brothers, the source alleged he had his kids "pretty much all the time." Despite the growing speculation regarding Jonas reaching out to legal representation, the former couple and their reps didn't automatically confirm nor deny the marriage troubles.

Joe Jonas officially filed for divorce

The rumors about Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's marriage came to a head two days later when the singer officially filed for divorce after four years of marriage. According to court documents obtained by Today on September 5, 2023, Jonas petitioned for divorce and called the marriage "irretrievably broken." The petition mentioned Jonas had been taking care of their two children but requested shared custody. The divorce petition also made note of the couple's prenuptial agreement which reportedly protects their career earnings. Shortly after the story broke, unconfirmed details and rumors began to pour in. 

An unnamed source claimed to TMZ that the former couple had ended up on way different pages. "She likes to party, he likes to stay at home. They have very different lifestyles," the tipster claimed to the outlet. (It's worth mentioning that in a 2020 interview with Conan O'Brien, Turner proudly called herself "a homebody"; Jonas shared this sentiment in a TikTok Q&A.) According to another unnamed source, Jonas supposedly did everything in his power to save their marriage. "He never wanted to break up his family, but he had to take what he felt was the best course of action for his girls," the source alleged to Page Six, going on to say they'd been at odds for a while. "There's a lot of noise out there, but it wasn't a straw-that-broke-the-camel's-back situation like it's being reported," the source alleged.

The couple released a joint statement about their divorce

On September 6, 2023, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner released a statement. In a joint Instagram post, they addressed their split and the rumors circulating in the press. "After four years of wonderful marriage, we have mutually decided to amicably end our marriage," the statement read. "There are many speculative narratives as to why but, truly this is a united decision and we sincerely hope that everyone can respect our wishes for privacy for us and our children." Despite the statement displaying a united front, things continued to get messy in the press. An unnamed source claimed to TMZ that the singer apparently filed for divorce after he saw some Ring camera footage he didn't like. According to the tipster, Turner supposedly did or said something in said footage that led Jonas to take legal action.

What's more, an unnamed source who said they're a friend of Turner's claimed to the Daily Mail that the actor felt "trapped" in her life. "Sophie feels like she's only just waking up to what her life and reality really is. She became famous at a very young age, then married and had kids at a young age," they said. The source went on to say that Turner disagreed with Jonas about having another child. "They want very different things," they added.