Who Is Brandi Jackson? Get To Know Michael Jackson's Niece

The Jackson family is extensive, with much of its roots starting with Joe and Katherine Jackson. Of the couple's ten children, five were a part of the original Jackson 5 boy band, which skyrocketed the careers of brothers Jackie Jackson, Tito Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, Marlon Jackson, and the most famous of them all, Michael Jackson. Their children have also gone on to create their own paths but still have much adoration for their prominent lineage. This is especially true with Brandi Jackson, the daughter of Jackie.

The photographer has long expressed love for her late uncle, Michael. She even appeared in his 1991 music video for "Black or White." It seems the two were close during her childhood and, with her spending time at his Neverland Ranch in California. In recent years, she has also come to his defense in multiple interviews about the claims made in the "Leaving Neverland" documentary. While Brandi's advocacy for Michael has familiarized fans with her, some may not know that she has made quite a name for herself.

Brandi Jackson used to host a radio show with her brother

Brandi Jackson previously embarked on a media career. In October 2012, she first gave fans a glimpse into her "Jackson Truth Radio," sharing an Instagram photo of herself alongside her brother, Siggy Jackson, as they recorded one of the earlier episodes. It seems the show ran for a bit before taking a brief hiatus. However, in June 2014, the brother and sister relaunched it, with his wife, Toyia Jackson, focusing heavily on showcasing various musicians. While it seems they were enjoying their program, it appears that they've decided to shut it down. The official website for "Jackson Truth Radio" is no longer in service, and neither Brandi nor Siggy has shared any social media posts about the show in years. Siggy is now the host of "A Jackson View Podcast" with Toyia, though Brandi doesn't seem to be involved.

Brandi launched her own YouTube show called "Laila Brandi Live" alongside 101 Jamz personality Laila Lopez. Together, the two ladies touched on many topics, including dating, and invited others on as guests to give their input. These days, the content of that series lives on Lopez's individual YouTube channel, though it appears both ladies have ceased filming altogether.

She has adamantly defended her uncle against sexual assault allegations

The 2019 documentary, "Leaving Neverland," re-examined abuse claims against Michael Jackson and left many stunned. In the doc, James Safechuck and Wade Robson detailed extensive sexual assaults they allegedly endured while visiting Michael at his ranch. Brandi Jackson was among those disappointed with the accusations thrown at her uncle. 

According to her, Michael introduced her to Robson when they were children, and the two became close friends. Their relationship turned romantic as they got older. Still, she maintains Robson never mentioned being harmed in any way by the pop star. During an interview with Billboard, she questioned how the molestation could have taken place if Michael was rarely alone with Robson. "Wade gives this narrative that he and Michael were always together. They weren't. We used to go to the ranch, Wade and I and his family. We would go a few times a month. My uncle was never there. He was always on the road, working and traveling," Brandi explained.

Brandi continues to work on her photography, capturing hip-hop dance duo Gold Lemonade in May 2023 for a Fashion Nova shoot. It seems that she remains close with Michael's children also, joining his sons, Blanket and Prince, for a rare September 2023 photo. Brandi is often seen on Twitter, replying to fans and retweeting Jackson-related content. Even with her own fame, Brandi is proud of her Jackson heritage and the many accomplishments her family has made.