We're Questioning Mac's Fate As John J. York Takes A Mysterious General Hospital Break

In 1991, John J. York joined the cast of "General Hospital" as mercenary Mac Scorpio, the brother of Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers), a legendary World Security Bureau spy and Port Charles police commissioner. The two were at odds because Robert erroneously believed Mac was responsible for the death of their parents as youths. Eventually, they got past it and Mac became a major fixture in Port Charles. He married Felicia Jones (Kristina Wagner) in 1998, making her Felicia Scorpio, and although they got divorced in 2001, they remarried in 2013 and have been together ever since. Once a major character in front-burner storylines, Mac seems to have been sidelined the last few years.

When Cody Bell (Josh Kelly) revealed that Dominique Stanton (Shell Danielson) was his mother, Mac believed he could possibly be his father since he and Dominique dated in the past. Although a DNA test revealed that he is, Cody claimed otherwise because he didn't feel worthy of Mac's love. Things are getting interesting currently as Cody's had himself committed to Ferncliff sanitarium in order to rescue Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattson), and even though Mac thinks he's not Cody's dad, he still feels fatherly toward him and wants to help him.

But just as this story is heating up, York's Twitter post on Sept. 7 was very unnerving for fans. The actor wrote, "Hey kiddos, just want to let you know that I will be taking a brief hiatus from the show in a few weeks."

Fans hoped that York's news was positive

John J. York continued his Twitter post announcing his hiatus by saying, "I'm in the process of getting some important information. So hang tight, and I'll be in touch," followed by a 'beaming face with smiling eyes' emoji. That would indicate that the "General Hospital" star has some (hopefully) good news, and we should emphasize that he used the word "brief" in his post as well in regard to missing some shows. 

Most of the responses were hopeful that nothing bad was happening with York, as one ardent fan remarked, "I hope you're well. As for 'GH,' "Mac" has been one of my favorite characters for decades. I was annoyed/disappointed at how they dropped you/Mac for so long. So glad you're back & I hope that "Mac" finds out that Cody's his son soon. More importantly, I hope your 'info' is good."

According to IMDb, York is working on an upcoming horror film titled, "Chasing Nightmares," in which he plays a character named Doctor Bender. It's possible that he needed to go back to that production for reshoots or even special effects-heavy scenes that would require him to be away from "GH" for a short amount of time. The outpouring of fan love was astonishing, and many fans urged him to return to the show as soon as he could.

As it is, there's not enough Mac Scorpio on the "General Hospital" for us, and we also hope his news is good!