Who Is RHOSLC Newbie Monica Garcia?

Season 4 of "Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" has seen the return of adored cast members Meredith Marks, Heather Gay, and Lisa Barlow. Original "RHOSLC" personality Mary Cosby is also back now as a friend of the cast. Angie Katsanevas has seen an upgrade from Season 3 friend to full-time housewife. Meanwhile, her pal, Bravo newbie Monica Garcia, is making her camera debut. 

The mother of four has shaken up the new circle she's found herself in with a fiery personality and a few messy revelations. A former employee of embattled "RHOSLC" star Jen Shah, Garcia shared that her former boss made nasty remarks about Gay, who was once her best friend. With a fascinating relationship with the incarcerated housewife, Garcia may shed light on matters that led to Shah's six-and-a-half-year prison stint. Outside the Housewives drama, Garcia is an entrepreneur who created her own success before her newfound TV fame. 

Monica Garcia is the proud owner of a baby swaddle company

Many of the women in the Housewives franchise are owners of their own businesses, and Garcia is no exception.  In 2018, she founded a line of baby swaddles.  The company, known as Brea Baby, offers a wide variety of different patterns of wraps, each of which has an impressive price point. Each of the current swaddles listed on the website is $20 at the time of publication. 

In addition to being budget-friendly, Brea Baby donates swaddles through its Giving Back program.  The company generously gives hospitals and other community centers the wraps for babies in their care. Garcia knows the importance of swaddling, having used the method to comfort her children as infants. A January 2023 photo on her Instagram shows one of her daughters adorably wrapped up in a swaddle as she sleeps during a newborn photoshoot. Aside from Brea Baby, Garcia also appears to be working on a separate endeavor called Persona Nongrata. The official Instagram profile for the brand is private. However, the bio reads: "By @monicadalgado For everyone that's ever felt unwelcome."

She was booted from the Mormon church

Monica Garcia appears very open about sharing her life with "Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" viewers. She even revealed that she committed adultery during her marriage. While Garcia has yet to indicate what led her down a path of cheating, Garcia is now going through a divorce from her husband, Mike, with whom she shares four daughters; Bri, Jaidyn, Kendall, and West.

She has since been excommunicated from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known as the Mormon Church, though she has not yet elaborated on the exact reasoning. She shares this in common with "RHOSLC" co-star Heather Gay, who also walked away from the church. Amid such strain in her personal life, Garcia has found love again. She disclosed she is now dating a new guy, a relationship which she has been in for nearly two years. Given her outspokenness, this could be a significant point of her storyline.

Monica Garcia testified against Jen Shah

Before Jen Shah was arrested and sentenced to federal prison time, she ran a telemarketing firm that targeted seniors. Unfortunately, Monica Garcia was briefly a part of Shah's scheme when she was hired to work for her. Garcia explained during the premiere of "RHOSLC" that Shah approached her about possibly making $600,000, which she felt was suspicious. Once Garcia began asking around about Shah, she was warned to steer clear of her. Eventually, she was asked to testify against Shah, playing a role in putting her behind bars. Following her arrest, there are signs Shah will be "RHOSLC" Season 4's scapegoat, even though she isn't on the show anymore.

Garcia seemingly has many layers, which is something to look forward to. Fans are also getting a glimpse into her body positivity message. On September 5, she shared an empowering Instagram photo showing her natural body. Women flocked to her comment section to praise her for being transparent and bravely sharing an unedited picture to highlight her flaws, another intriguing factor that most will appreciate.