6 Times Taylor Swift Made The Snoozy 2023 VMAs Worth Watching

It's me. Hi. I'm the life of the party! It's me! Taylor Swift is basically the biggest superstar in the world right now. With her record-breaking Eras Tour making history and her album rereleases keeping fans on their toes, it was really no surprise that Ms. Swift was the star of the 2023 VMAs. She went into the night with a whopping eight nominations . And, while snagging the coveted Song of the Year award for her hit "Anti-Hero" was certainly a feat, folks watching the VMAs seemed to be more impressed by what Swift was doing as an audience member than what she did when she took the stage. 

In her acceptance speech, Swift said (per People), "When I go out on tour and I've got a stadium singing words back to me, it brings me to this very relaxing feeling of, 'Maybe we all have the same issues.'" It was this feeling exactly that seemed to make her the star of the VMAs. Whenever the camera panned to Swift, she was caught in a moment that reminded viewers that she's really just like us. And, while this year's VMAs may not have had a lot going on in the way of drama, there were laughs to be had and emotional moments thanks to Swift. Here are the times that Taylor Swift made our night at the 2023 VMAs.

Taylor and her cup holder had a moment

The cameras at the VMAs kept very close to Taylor Swift all night, and she was rarely spotted without a drink in her hand. It was easy to see that Swift was letting loose, relaxing, and enjoying her big win and the performances the night had to offer. One moment caught Swift struggling to pick her cup up after she'd placed it in her cup holder, and fans on Twitter loved the relatability of Swift awkwardly trying to grab her drink. We're sure this will become a meme in 3...2...1...

Tay & Ice Spice hung out

Whenever the cameras caught a glimpse of Taylor Swift, she was almost always right next to her partner-in-crime for the night, Ice Spice. Both of these artists took home major awards by the end of the evening, and they looked stunning side-by-side in their contrasting dresses. It was adorable seeing these superstar BFFs having a blast on a night out, and as if their friendship wasn't cute enough already, Ice Spice even called Swift her "big sis" on her Instagram story. 

Taylor dancing to Demi is a vibe

Folks who've been lucky enough to attend the Eras Tour know that Taylor Swift has some moves. And, Swift proved this once again at the VMAs. She wasn't holding back when Demi Lovato got up to perform. Swift was dancing the night away, and, if we didn't already find ourselves relating to Swift way too much, we can now officially confirm that she too knows every word to "Cool for the Summer." We're manifesting this collab and a "Cruel Summer" / "Cool for the Summer" crossover.

Taylor showed her bestie Selena love

Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez have been BFFs for years, so it was no surprise to see Swift cheering her pal on when she accepted an award. Still, as was Swift's pattern at the 2023 VMAs, she outdid herself and was the quintessential overwhelmed friend when Gomez and Rema were given the Best Afrobeats award for "Calm Down." It's safe to say that we'd all want Swift in our corner and rooting us on; she's one seriously enthusiastic supporter.

Taylor's take on Doja Cat is spot on

Taylor Swift was clearly as much a fan of the other stars being honored at the VMAs as she was a star, herself. She was seen dancing and cheering all night long. After Doja Cat's performance, though, it was clear that Swift had a lot to say about her fellow nominee. In a video posted on Twitter by Pop Base, Swift is seen excitedly discussing the performance with the people seated next to her, saying, "It's giving movie, it's giving cinematography." We have to agree with her on that one.

Swift is *NSYNC's number one fan

Simply seeing *NSYNC together once again moved Taylor Swift near tears, proving once again, that she's more like the rest of us than we realized. When the band emerged with all its members on stage, Swift seemed to be in total shock.

Swift was starstruck to see not only *NSYNC reunited, but throughout the entirety of the VMAs she celebrated all the Y2K legends. When Timbaland and Nelly Furtado presented Swift with her award for Best Pop, she said (per People), "I'm sorry, I'm just very millennial-triggered by my choices of presenters tonight."  It was clear that Swift had the time of her life at the VMAs, and we had just as much fun watching her.