Everything We Know About John Mellencamp's Multimillionaire Girlfriend

John Mellencamp has a fascinating dating history that includes a handful of high-profile relationships with fellow A-listers such as Meg Ryan and Christie Brinkley. His current relationship with Kristin Kehrberg, however, flies a little more under the radar. 

Kehrberg is not a public figure, and details about her life are more private, but now, her romance with Mellencamp has landed her in the spotlight. However, the way the "Small Town" singer sees it, the fame and public attention is the least of potential love interests' concerns. "Oh, women hate me," he said on the "The Howard Stern Show." "I think it's because I'm a child. I throw fits, I gripe, I complain. I'm moody. Every bad thing that a fella can be, that's me," he explained. "They hate me when they're with me." 

But it sure seems safe to assume Kehrberg doesn't feel that way. Things between the couple appear to be going well, and they have been spending a lot of time together. So, who is Mellencamp's girlfriend? Here's what you need to know about the woman who's captured the rocker's heart.

Kristin Kehrberg was previously married

John Mellencamp's dating history always attracts interest, and the "Jack & Diane" singer's latest partner is no different. But what do we know about Kristin Kehrberg and her previous relationships?

Kehrberg is a widower and was married to advertising executive Richard "Dick" Tarlow. Some of his clients include big brands like Revlon, Max Factor, Ralph Lauren, and Neutrogena. Tarlow was successful, starting several companies throughout his career, including Kurtz & Tarlow with partner Don Kurtz, Tarlow Advertising, and Carlson & Partners. The latter he founded with his then-wife, Sandy Carlson. Carlson died in 2003 at the age of 59, per The New York Times

Tarlow and Kehrberg met at a restaurant, and two years later, in 2009, they were married. They were together until Tarlow died at the age of 81 on May 27, 2022. He reportedly died in his sleep at his home in Shelter Island, New York, and was survived by three children and two stepchildren. As noted in the obituary that appeared in the Shelter Island Reporter, they were donors to the John Jay College of Criminal Justice and fans of the New York Knicks. 

Kristin Kehrberg has tried her hand at film production

Kristin Kehrberg's name is in the headlines now because of her relationship with megastar musician John Mellencamp, but this is certainly not her first brush with show business. Before she connected with her rockstar beau, she worked as a movie producer. As of this writing, she has one credit: 2017's "The Wilde Wedding." The rom-com has an impressive roster, including celebrated actors Glenn Close, John Malkovich, and Patrick Stewart. Kehrberg's late husband, Dick Tarlow, was also credited as an executive producer on the film. Despite the star-studded cast, the movie was met with mixed reviews. 

One of the more positive reviews comes from Vertical Entertainment's co-president, Rich Goldberg. "The chemistry and comedy between Glenn Close, John Malkovich, Patrick Stewart, and the incredible ensemble cast is a dream for us and for audiences everywhere," Goldberg told The Hollywood Reporter in a statement.

She lives a life of luxury

Kristin Kehrberg is a successful woman who was also married to a multimillionaire. She has lived a life of luxury, and her homes have attracted public interest. Although much of her life remains a mystery because she is not a full-on celebrity, she and her then-husband, Dick Tarlow, made headlines in 2016 when they purchased an apartment in New York. As the New York Post reported at he time, the property was located at 86th Street and Fifth Avenue and had been on the market for just over a month when it sold for $16.5 million.

The same year, another one of her homes made headlines. Mansion Global reported that the seven-bedroom Queen Anne Victorian-style property in Shelter Island went on sale at a final price of $32 million — a record for the area. This was the home Kehrberg had shared with her husband, though they moved to a neighboring property after the sale was finalized.

In 2016, Kehrberg and Tarlow gave an interview about their then-new home to Cottages & Gardens. "We were ready to live very differently," Kehrberg said. Their house, also on Shelter Island, was nothing short of picturesque. "The concept of having nature become the focus was very compelling to us," Kehrberg told the publication. "On Shelter Island, where do you have a more beautiful view than when you're looking out at the water? We decided that would be our ever-changing canvas. We just wanted to feel like you could be outdoors even when you're indoors." 

The two have been attached at the hip

As of this writing, John Mellencamp and Kristin Kehrberg's relationship is still relatively new. On an August 2023 episode of "Club Random with Bill Maher," the "Hurts So Good" rocker shared that the two had been together since the beginning of the year. "She has not left my side in seven months," he gushed. "Listen, it's been great." The way Mellencamp tells it, sounds like fate brought them together. 

"She's a beautiful 57-year-old woman who just walked into my apartment in New York unexpectedly," he said. "She was with a couple of friends. She walked in. She didn't know I was going to be there. I didn't know she was there. We met each other." He then suggested the spark was instant, adding, "And it was this ... " before trailing off and punctuating his sentence with a click of his fingers.

There is certainly an age difference between Mellencamp, who is 71, and Kehrberg. However, that's nothing new for the pair. One of Mellencamp's more recent former girlfriends, Marianelly Agosto, is 27 years his junior; Kehrberg's late husband was 24 years older than her.

Could they get married one day?

In his interview with "Club Random with Bill Maher," John Mellencamp said that he and Kristin Kehrberg have yet to have any conflict. "It's so hard to believe, I know. She has a really high threshold for tolerance," he said. "She's never even gotten angry at me."

Although it is impossible to determine what the future holds for this couple, of course there's always the question of marriage. Kehrberg is a widower, and Mellencamp has been married three times before to Priscilla Esterline, Victoria Granucci, and Elaine Irwin. But is the fourth time the charm for the music star? Again, we can't know for certain, but there have been whispers about him having no interest in getting married again. Following Mellencamp's breakup with longtime finacée Meg Ryan, an insider told People, "He loves her, but marriage never seemed to be a part of it. It's unclear how important a marriage was to Meg. But they spent a lot of time together, and it's too bad they split. They really got along so well together."

These comments were echoed by a Radar source. "Meg felt John could never settle down — and his active dating life since then has borne out her fears," the insider shared.

She's met members of John Mellencamp's family

Marriage may not be in the cards for John Mellencamp and Kristin Kehrberg, but that doesn't mean they haven't taken any major relationship steps. We don't know if Mellencamp has met Kehrberg's nearest and dearest, but it looks like she has met at least some members of his family. In August 2023, Page Six shared some snaps of the couple kissing outside of a Los Angeles fashion show that Mellencamp's granddaughter Slate Mellencamp Arroyave was in. Slate is the daughter of Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave, who is one of Mellencamp's five kids.

Mellencamp likely considers himself fortunate to have found love again. "Luck is thinking you're lucky," he told Esquire in a 2023 interview. "If you think you're lucky, you are." In the same interview, he admitted he was not always the best partner and referenced his former relationship with Meg Ryan. "She's a great girl. I'm just a sh**ty boyfriend," he said. Following his breakup with Ryan and before his romance with Kehrberg, the singer was linked to several other women, including Jamie Sherrill, Natasha Barrett, and Marianelly Agosto. 

At least one member of Mellencamp's family was introduced to Sherrill, Barrett, and Agosto. However, they weren't introduced to one another by Mellencamp. According to Us Weekly, Agosto and Mellencamp actually met through Teddi. And according to Closer, Teddi and Sherrill knew one another before Sherrill dated Mellencamp. And according to People, Barrett came into Mellencamp's life thanks to — you guessed it — Teddi.