What We Know About General Hospital Star Kelly Monaco's Secretive Love Life

Kelly Monaco is one of the biggest names in the daytime television industry. As her character Sam McCall on "General Hospital," she's seen plenty of drama, near-catastrophic experiences, and hot and steamy romances with the likes of Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and Dante Falconeri (Dom Zamprogna).

Off-screen, Monaco has seen some good times and some bad. She was the first to win "Dancing With The Stars" in 2005. But Monaco has also dealt with some devastating moments, like when her house caught on fire in 2022. 

But if there's one thing that "General Hospital" fans have learned about Monaco over the years, it's that she's someone who never likes to talk about her personal life. That's why there's always been so much speculation about who she's dated over the years. But then again, Monaco has made it no secret that she's kind of on the shy side. "When I'm in surroundings that I'm not familiar with, around people I don't know, I have a tendency to sit back and take it all in; I'm an observer," she told Soap Opera Digest in 2003.

However, there have been two special people who have probably seen Monaco in an entirely different light.

Kelly Monaco was extremely close with Heath Freeman

Before she became the one and only Sam McCall on "General Hospital," Kelly Monaco was in love with a man that she held close for almost 18 years. That special someone in her life was named Heath Freeman, according to The U.S. Sun

Freeman was an actor who had roles in television shows like "NCIS," "Bones," and "ER." While Monaco had never spoken out about their relationship, it was safe to say that they were very close as Freeman did accompany her to several red-carpet events. In 2020, Freeman also shared a sweet birthday message for Monaco that said, "Happy birthday to my best friend on Planet Earth. So thrilled we're on the planet at the same time" (Via The New York Post).

Unfortunately, Monaco was left absolutely devastated when Freeman passed away in 2021. Monaco never made a comment about his death but during the time of his passing, her "General Hospital" co-star Ingo Rademacher (ex-Jasper Jacks) shared a message for her on his Instagram story, per Soap Hub. It said, "Kelly, my heart goes out to you. I know Heath was very special to you. Know that [my wife] Ehiku and I are always here for you. RIP Heath Freeman. Prayers and love."

Monaco's relationship with Freeman wasn't the only one that she tried to keep under wraps, though.

Kelly Monaco and her co-star Billy Miller may have dated

There had been a lot of speculation about Kelly Monaco's very secretive relationship with her former "General Hospital" co-star Billy Miller, who once played Drew Cain. For many years, fans wondered if the two of them were dating. Monaco and Miller had never publicly spoken out about their friendship, but there had been lots of signs hinting that they have always been more than friends, like when they shared a kiss in a dressing room or when they celebrated his 40th birthday together. However, the last time that Monaco posted an Instagram photo of the two of them together was back in 2018.

Monaco was also very instrumental in getting Miller on "General Hospital." In 2015, she told Michael Fairman TV that after seeing some of Miller's work, she knew that he would be a perfect onscreen companion for her character Sam McCall. She said, "I just felt something from him as Billy, and of course, I went and watched a bunch of his work, and it was great."

Sadly, Miller passed away in September 2023. His possible relationship with Monaco may not have been public, but it's clear the two were good friends for quite a while. Our hearts go out to her and Miller's family for their loss.