Days Of Our Lives Star Deidre Hall's Stance On The Great Gray Hair Debate

Deidre Hall is one of the most famous names to have ever come out of the world of daytime television. She's been capturing hearts as Dr. Marlena Evans on "Days of Our Lives" since 1976, earning herself the honorary title "Queen of Daytime." Between bold storylines like being possessed by the devil and her iconic pairing with Drake Hogestyn as John Black, Hall has seen some serious action on the soap. But those stories are not the only reason Hall is beloved as Marlena Evans.

Since Hall has been on "Days of Our Lives" for over four decades, she has captured how it is to age gracefully for many viewers to see. One part of aging in Hollywood is the gray hair debate. In short, the two sides of the debate argue that either women should always color their hair to avoid going gray and appearing older, or that women should let their hair go gray naturally in favor of embracing themselves. Hall, famous for her silvery locks, shares her opinion on the debate, and it's exactly the kind of answer fans can expect from Dr. Marlena Evans.

Hall takes a stance in the gray hair debate

Deidre Hall might have embraced her gray hair, but her outlook on aging in the entertainment business is as bright as ever. In an interview with Yahoo Life, Hall discussed her long-lasting legacy on "Days of Our Lives," her changing looks as she matures and grows older, and her stance on the great gray hair debate.

"I think we're beautiful at all ages — and if gray is a part of maturing, then there it is. And why are we acting like it isn't?" she said. "People are good-looking at all ages. So embrace that, and enjoy the ride."

Hall also joked about how she and her fellow co-stars manage to look as young onscreen now as they did back when they started. She credited the improved lighting equipment and the makeup crew, as well as the wellness routines that keep them looking young. "I don't go in the sun," she adds. "And I wear sunscreen and, you know, I just do the things that we know are smart to do."

Hall is no stranger to making history on Days

Deidre Hall is known for making statements on "Days of Our Lives," and her gray hair is only one of them. In her time on the show, she's played Marlena during some of the most historic storylines on the soap, including officiating the first wedding with two men in the history of daytime soap operas.

"We tell current and topical stories. For example: many, many years ago I did the first crib death, which had never been discussed on television," Hall said as she recalled the moment in an interview with TV Source Magazine. "We had the first gay wedding. Our writers have always felt that being relevant was important ... Because I think one thing the daytime does is it helps you see how somebody else handles it."

After appearing in over 5,000 episodes of "Days of Our Lives" as Marlena, Hall has clearly made an impression on so many different people throughout her time on the soap. Whether it's about the color of their hair or who they love, Deidre Hall will never stop encouraging people to break the mold and embrace themselves as they are.