Why Britney Spears' Teeth Sparked Major Concern From Fans

There's a lot to love about Britney Spears. The talented singer made her debut as a teenage pop sensation in the 1990s, taking the world by storm with her energetic dance moves and playful, upbeat music. Since then, her chart-topping songs have earned her a spot in music history along with a dedicated fanbase from around the world. Her most loyal fans have been there through it all, including Spears' worrying marriage with Sam Asghari and the celebrated end of her 13-year conservatorship.

One of the reasons Spears' fans love her so much is her megawatt smile that lights up the stage. Her bright, beaming grin and fun personality made her stand out from the crowd of up-and-coming "bubblegum pop" singers that filled the music scene in the early 2000s.

Now, that bright smile has become the focus of a series of strange theories surrounding Spears. Watchful fans have noticed something concerning happening in Spears' mouth recently. An increasing number of gaps between her teeth are causing all sorts of calamity within her fanbase, with some of her followers even claiming the "Toxic" singer could be someone else entirely.

Spears' new gaps have fans thinking she has a body double

Bizarre conspiracy theories surrounding celebrities are nothing new, but the theory about Britney Spears' teeth might be among the few that have actual photographic evidence to back it up. The proof can be found on Spears' social media.

Spears isn't one to post static selfies on Instagram. These days, she loves sharing short video clips that show off her signature dance moves and stylish, Y2K-inspired outfits to her more than 40 million followers. But on the rare occasion that she does post a closeup of her famous smile, a few gaps are noticeable in between her pearly whites. The gaps are small and, more importantly, natural; the Cleveland Clinic even states that diastema, or a gap between the teeth, is a very normal dental development. However, some fans think there's more to the story.

Comments on Spears' Instagram posts have been turned off, but before they were, her followers had a lot to say about her "mystery" gaps. The comment section was filled with questions about Spears' teeth. Fans were adamant the gaps weren't there at the start of her career. Some even went so far as to wonder if the Spears seen on Instagram is the real pop star or a highly convincing body double (via Vulture).

The real reason why Spears might have more gaps in her teeth

A Reddit post summarized the difference in Britney Spears' teeth. The Redditor wrote, "I noticed she has spacing in the top four teeth now, not just two. I personally don't care, she's Britney Spears... [I'm] just wondering like — is she choosing to leave it like that?" Commenters on the post were equally worried about Spears' seemingly new gaps. "It's just a bit concerning to see the teeth in this position at her age. It's a little unusual," one stated. "Clearly she does some grinding, we can see that, but when people grind the teeth just get shorter... Not gap like that." Other commenters leaned into the theory that Spears had veneers at one point that had broken off.

Perhaps the likeliest theory of all is one that stems from someone who has done work on Spear's teeth. Known as the "90210 Dentist," Dr. Kevin Sands is responsible for many of our favorite celebrities' perfect smiles. He even shares photos of himself with the famous on his dental practice's website. In one such photo, he's posing with superstar client Britney Spears. The caption next to the photo is all about dental bonding, a process which uses a strong resin material to fix "gaps, chips, misshapen teeth, and cracked teeth." According to the dental care experts at Colgate, dental bonding can last from three to 10 years. As the photo caption suggests, there's a high chance that Spears had the procedure done and then failed to get a touch-up.