The Clothing Items TSA Agents Can't Stand

For many, going through Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security at the airport is the most stressful part of traveling. You'll want to plan your airport outfit, as certain types of clothing set off machines or require a pat down and hold up lines of other exhausted travelers. Here are some clothing items that TSA agents flat-out hate and that you can avoid the next time you fly.

First, excessively baggy clothing is a no-go and most often requires an extra search. People wearing loose dresses or skirts should consider wearing biker shorts in case of a pat down. The same goes for those wearing overcoats and hard-to-remove shoes. And though they may seem comfortable, rethink wearing your favorite pair of leggings. Also, avoid items that could obviously raise suspicion amongst TSA agents. That goes for clothing with threatening text and hats. The TSA's job is to ensure nothing banned or dangerous enters the airways. Obscuring your head or portraying an alarming message will definitely slow the security process down.

Finally, when it comes to metal detectors, think about layering up instead of wearing a jacket to avoid setting them off. Try to leave large metal jewelry, bedazzled items, and belts in your suitcase or at home — they may require you to go through detectors more than once. Even unexpected items such as hairpins could be the culprit. Additionally, try to bring baby carriers that don't contain metal parts, and get a doctor's note for items such as braces, prosthetics, or diabetic monitors that may require an extra search.