Airport Outfits To Keep You Traveling In Comfort And Style

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Days at the airport are notorious for their long hours, heavy luggage, and inevitable bickering. Since quarantine restrictions have loosened, plane travel has become increasingly popular — families are finally taking those long-awaited vacations. In 2022, 2.5 million people hit the airports the Sunday after Thanksgiving, rivaling pre-pandemic stats, per Transportation Security Administration. Given the uptick in air travel, giving yourself plenty of time before your flight takes off is more important than ever. In fact, it's often suggested that you arrive at the airport two hours before your scheduled departure — and three if you're traveling abroad. If you're not a frequent flyer, give yourself a few extra minutes to make wrong turns and stop at the duty-free shop.

Considering how much time you'll be spending going through security, waiting at your gate, and on the plane itself, it's important to dress as comfortably as possible. That means preparing for that in-flight chill as well as major temperature changes as you land in warmer (or cooler) environments. Consider these stylish airport outfits and accessories when prepping for your much-needed trip.

A monochrome sweatsuit is the way to go

A matching set will instantly upgrade your airport style. TikTok creator Taylor Hage recommends adding a layer — a tee shirt or a tank — underneath your sweatshirt. That way, you can work around spikes in temperature. You can opt for a neutral sweatsuit, layering your largest jacket on top to save that much-needed room in your suitcase, or if you like to make more of a statement with your fits, find an eye-popping pattern like this tie-dye set from Los Angeles Apparel.

Wear bike shorts and a crew neck for warmer trips

The underwear-as-outerwear trend is taking over, with it-girls like Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajakowski relying on bike shorts or micro shorts to complete their fits. Try this look out for yourself the next time your travel, pairing bike shorts — like this popular pair from Parade — with a bra top, oversized tee, and crew neck. Tie it all together with a pair of white sneakers, a baseball cap, and vintage '90s shades. And, after zipping up your crew neck into your carry-on, this makes for the perfect warm-weather fit.

Don't forget the Uggs

Ugg boots, which faded out of the limelight in the late 2000s, are in the midst of a renaissance. Given how easy they are to remove in the security line and — perhaps most importantly — their general coziness, they make for the ideal airport shoe. Pair trending mini uggs (or these faux fur Amazon dupes) with everything from oversized jeans and a classy trench to leggings, leg warmers, and a college sweatshirt. Rihanna, specifically, is known for expertly styling airport Uggs. She tucks the cuffs of her baggy jeans into the Y2K-worthy shoes, sporting an oversized hoodie on top.

Upgrade your fit with an oversized blazer

Over the past few years, oversized blazers have become a wardrobe necessity. Not only are they easy to pull off year-round, but they're also far more comfortable than office-appropriate womenswear of the past. "It gives power back to women to dress for themselves, as opposed to dressing in a sexier way for men," Gaëlle Drevet, founder of The Frankie Shop, explained to The Wall Street Journal. If you're traveling for work, instantly upgrade your airport fit by layering an oversized blazer over a form-fitting tee and straight-cut jeans. Opt for this double-breasted design from H&M, and go straight from your gate to a business lunch.

You can't go wrong with jeans and a tee

It's the ultimate combination for a classic look that will never go out of style; jeans and a simple white tee. For your next flight, complete the aesthetic with a pair of flats — they're easy to slide on and off as you go through security. For this look, trendy baggy jeans will give a modern silhouette. Tuck your tee shirt into your pants, completing the fit with a neutral trench.

Combine fashion with functionality

Who says airport outfits have to be subdued? Challenge the status quo by playing with color, pattern, and texture. Your carry-on gives you a unique opportunity to make a splash. For starters, Baboon To The Moon sells a variety of bags in colors like blue, green, and pink. Like Instagrammer Julia Dang, style your statement bag with a patterned shirt and baggy pants. For instance, these cargo pants from PacSun can easily be converted into shorts if you're flying to a warmer climate.

Opt for a cozy jumpsuit

Given that jumpsuits are top and bottom all in one, it's hard to go wrong, especially if you're in rush to catch an early morning flight. Pair a form-fitting jumpsuit with a cozy sherpa jacket, leg warmers, and Uggs. Alternatively, opt for a looser one-piece and match it with a floor-length puffer jacket. This extra-warm fit is especially appropriate if you're flying north for the winter. If you're going somewhere cooler, short onesies are also a great option.