Michael E. Knight And Cady McLain Explain How All My Children's Tad & Dixie Came To Be

"All My Children's Tad Martin and Dixie Cooney pairing is a classic soap relationship that fans still talk about to this very day. The characters were originally played by actors Michael E. Knight and Cady McClain, and fans loved them together so much that there have often been discussions about a possible on-screen reunion. Back in 2011, McClain told Soap Opera Network that despite all of the heartache that her character experienced (along with a peanut butter and banana pancake death), there was always room in Dixie's heart for Tad. She said at the time, "No one's a bad [or] mean person, but they are in love you know, Dixie's in love with Tad, Tad's in love with Dixie, Tad's in love with Cara, Cara's in love with Tad. It's like a new discovery for them."

Throughout their time together, there were fights and breakups, pregnancies, health problems, and so much more. Dixie was even the inspiration for Marty's mysterious southern accent on "General Hospital" (Knight plays the character of Marty on "GH"). During a Fantasy Events Live interview (via Soap Hub), Knight said that Dixie's Virginian accent had always stayed with him. "I'd listen to her for so many years. I got to do my own and it stuck. The show did come back to me after a week of my doing it and asked if I could tone it down," he said.

Fast-forward to the present and fans still want to know what was it that made Tad and Dixie just so special.

Tad and Dixie were soap opera magic

In an interview with Soap Hub, both Michael E. Knight and Cady McClain talked about the on-screen chemistry that their characters had on "All My Children." The two actors admitted that what they had between them was soap opera magic, to say the least. Recalling their first kiss, McClain said, " I remember after that — like just the vibe and the whole studio and the camera people were like, 'Oh yeah, this is, this is it.'"

Knight added that at first, Tad and Dixie were not supposed to be a couple, but what the two characters shared was unexplainable (in a good way, of course). Knight said that he knew they had something powerful, if not also timeless when he and McClain did their Tad and Dixie Love Test together. He said, "There was a series of three questions. It was like, do you dream about me and stuff? And a friend of mine, somebody called me and said, 'That was really good magic.'"

They had such chemistry that Tad and Dixie even made the list of all-time best soap couples, per Soaps.com. That's an accolade they most definitely deserve.