What Roger From Sister, Sister Looks Like Today

Throughout the '90s, primetime television became home to fresh young faces who quickly became fan favorites. With the Olsen Twins finding sitcom success in "Full House," it was only a matter of time before they would share the spotlight with another set of twins. In 1994, we witnessed child stars Tia and Tamera Mowry rise to stardom through their hit show "Sister, Sister." In addition to showcasing their unique chemistry as twin sisters, "Sister, Sister" also introduced us to various memorable characters throughout its six-season run.

One of which happened to be their flirty next-door neighbor Roger Evans, who was constantly told by Tia and Tamera to "go home." Unlike his fictional counterpart, actor Marques Houston was known as a heartthrob before his ascension to primetime television. As 1/3rd of the music group Immature, Houston — or "Batman" — balanced his career as a musician with his career as an actor. In an interview with VladTV in 2017, the singer shared how grateful he was for the opportunities given to him. "Being so young and experienced all this success, you know, I was just thankful," he revealed. "Like, I was having fun. Having fun being able to do what I love to do, which was entertaining." From owning a film company to becoming a doting father, Houston has become quite the "mature" adult since his youthful days on "Sister, Sister." To learn more about his never-ending career, here's everything you need to know about Houston's whereabouts since his departure from the show.

Marques Houston quit 'Sister, Sister' due to his want to grow as a solo artist

From snagging the role of Roger Evans in "Sister, Sister" at the age of 12, Marques Houston experienced a life only most child stars could dream of. As his acting career began, his career as a tweenage music artist peaked. Before "Sister, Sister," his group, Immature — which included Jerome Jones and Don Santos (later Kelton Kessee) — released their most notable album, "Playtyme Is Over," in 2994. While completing his acting obligations, Immature released two more albums from 1995 to 1997.

Though Houston saw great success from both ventures at the time, he thought that his portrayal of Roger would impact his identity as a growing musician. As a result, Houston decided to step away from the show to focus on his music career. In an episode of TV One TV's "Uncensored," Houston explained how his departure affected his growth as an artist. "Once I went solo, I think it helped because I had stopped doing "Sister, Sister," he noted. "Had I gone for two more seasons, I think that image would've been just printed and stuck in people's heads, and I don't think I would have been able to have a career after that." Luckily for Houston, this decision was met with open arms. As a solo act, he found noteworthy success through seven full-length studio albums, with his third album "Veteran," peaking at No. 1 on Billboard's Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart.

Marques Houston helped form another music group known as B2K

Though Marques Houston is well-known for his role in "Sister, Sister," the "Never Lie" singer also became synonymous with ex-record executive Chris Stokes — who worked closely with Houston and his group throughout their career. Aside from the darker rumors regarding his history of malpractice as a manager, Stokes was behind various music careers from the '90s and 2000s. His firm position as a label owner eventually transitioned into entrepreneurship, where he'd remain a household name. Due to his connection with Stokes, Houston would follow him throughout his entrepreneurial pursuits. Before the numerous collaborative efforts they'd showcase over the years, the two were responsible for the birth of another notable music group that won the hearts of teenage girls.

In his interview with VladTV, Houston revealed that he was involved in forming the boy band B2K. Playing off the Y2K moniker, the group included Raz-B, Lil Fizz, Houston's cousin J-Boog, and, most notably, Omarion. According to Houston, this effort was primarily due to Immature wanting to manage another music collective. "We kind of just had a hand in helping put together B2K," he revealed. "Training them, and stuff like that." Their short-lived run as a group didn't stop them from seeing massive success. After releasing three albums, however, the group eventually split due to mistreatment under management. Although this meant the end for B2K, Houston's involvement in their formation helped birth the illustrious careers of four different individuals.

Marques Houston starred alongside Omarion in another cult classic in 2004

While "Dirty Dancing" and "Save the Last Dance" ushered in new ways to interpret dance movies, Marques Houston took part in another cult classic film that predated movies like "Stomp the Yard" and the "Step Up" franchise. After "Sister, Sister," Houston primarily focused on music, only picking up short acting roles from 2001 to 2003. By 2004, Houston and Chris Stokes (won't be the last time you hear about him) set out to create the hip-hop dance movie "You Got Served." Alongside Houston was his ex-protégé, Omarion, and the entirety of B2K. The film followed Elgin (played by Houston) and David (played by Omarion) turning their street dancing pastimes to enter a $50,000 competition to open their own studio.

Houston went on to credit Stokes' vision for the film for why it was successful. According to Box Office Mojo, "You Got Served" skyrocketed to the No. 1 spot in the United States. In addition to earning over $50 million worldwide, the movie became a fan favorite and influenced other dance films in the late 2000s. In a 2022 interview with "Your Voice Media," interviewer Ty Cole asked Houston about the possibility of him revisiting the classic. "I don't know, you know. Sometimes you got to just leave those classics alone," he responded. "But you never know."

Marques Houston had the opportunity to play the lead in a spinoff of UPN's 'One on One'

As "You Got Served" continued to excel at the box office, Marques Houston used this time to guest star in the UPN sitcom "One on One." Starring alongside Kyla Pratt and Flex Alexander, the Los Angeles native played Flex's "prodigal brother," Kevin Barnes, who eventually takes over his family's barbershop. Despite his short-lived appearances on the show, the premise alone was enough to grant Houston the opportunity to star in the spinoff, "Cuts," in 2005.

UPN greenlit the side project, and the spinoff aired while "One on One" was on its last leg. In addition to reprising his role as Kevin Barnes, Houston starred alongside Shannon Elizabeth, Shondrella Avery, and Edward Fordham Jr. for the barbershop-themed sitcom. The series appeared to be made for success, as it had guest stars ranging from Katt Williams to Omarion. Unfortunately, the slew of guest celebrity appearances wasn't enough to make the show for more than two seasons. In 2006, "Cuts" was canceled. While there is no public reason as to why this was the case, it appeared to be partly due to low ratings and conflicting wants from the network. 2006 was also the year UPN merged with WB to form what's now known as the CW. Since the brand's combined effort meant that various network originals would be canned, many believe that "Cuts" was just one of many that were canceled during this time.

Marques Houston found a passion for writing films

As a musician, Marques Houston's career spanned the better part of two decades. Although he chose to focus on his musical endeavors after "Sister, Sister," he still flexed his acting skills in numerous films throughout the 2000s. This came to a head when the singer himself unlocked a new passion he never knew he had. In 2012, Houston would put this skills to the test and release his first written screenplay titled "Battlefield America."

This untapped interest in writing eventually led Houston to co-own a filming company called Footage Films Studios in 2015. As stated before, these opportunities presented itself thanks to his connection with Chris Stokes. That is not to say that Houston's talent for writing films should be ignored, as he's been able to write and produce various films from 2015 to 2023. The self-proclaimed "Tubi King" had numerous of his projects like "Howard High" and "The Stepmother" premiere on the free streaming service Tubi. As a writer, Houston told Rated R&B that this still allowed him to entertain the masses without being on-screen — an issue he's always struggled with despite being a successful child star. "When you create art through film and television, you have a way to be creative, be in entertainment, and do kind of like the same things," he revealed. "You're just not out in the forefront. I've never really been the kind of person that loves to be out in the forefront."

Marques Houston reunited with Tia and Tamera to hilariously quiz them on 'Sister, Sister'

After "Sister, Sister," Marques Houston, Tia Mowry, and Tamera Mowry all parted ways to achieve great success. While Tia found more sitcom roles through "The Game," "Instant Mom," and "Family Reunion," Tamera became a co-host of the daytime talk show "The Real." Given Tamera's platform, it was only a matter of time before she'd organize a get-together with all of her castmates from the beloved franchise. This became a reality in 2015 when Houston appeared on the show to reconnect with his "poo-poo ni-ni." Through showcasing their friendship, it was clear that there was one missing party that couldn't make it.

In true fan-service fashion, "The Real" held a "Sister, Sister" special episode in 2017, where Tia and Tamera fielded trivia questions from the show. With the help of Loni Love, Houston surprised the twins for the special and read questions for the girls to answer. Despite it being short-lived, the three never lost their magical chemistry with each other. In a 2022 interview with KTLA, Houston revealed that he and the twins are still relatively close to each other. "We're all married, we all have families now. We all continue to text each other and keep in touch," he stated. "We're actually planning something where we all want to, kind of, go get our families together and hang out soon."

Marques Houston briefly toured with his old boy band Immature in 2019

Fans who followed Marques Houston from the beginning of his illustrious career have since wondered if there would ever be an Immature — later known as IMx — reunion. Houston, however, spent years not knowing if it could be done. In a 2019 episode of "Love & HipHop: Hollywood," cousin J-Boog — who was in the midst of the B2K reunion tour — convinced the "I Don't Mind" singer to think about touring with his ex-bandmates. "Immature needs to be onstage performing for their fans because the whole reunion thing is, like, the big trend right now," J-Boog said in his confessional. "B2K, we gave our fans what they needed ... but Immature fans didn't get what they wanted."

This seemingly struck a chord for Houston, and within the same year, it was announced that Immature would be going on tour, with acts such as Ray J, J Holiday, Day26, and B5 making special appearances (via Rated R&B). After the announcement of their tour dates, it seemed as though the beloved music collective was on their way to having a successful tour. After a few shows, however, things appeared unpromising as they began to cancel a slew of their appearances. All acts involved also kept their fans in the dark about the status of their tour, with even Houston deleting anything tour-related off his Instagram. As of 2023, there has been no word regarding Immature going back on tour.

Marques Houston became a father in 2021

Unlike the name of his boy band, Marques Houston has since grown into a mature adult following his departure from "Sister, Sister." After acquiring numerous accolades in the film and music industry, it appears that Marques has become quite the family man as well. After months of seamlessly hiding the news from the general public, Marques and his wife, Miya Houston, took to Instagram to announce the birth of their daughter, Zara Houston. "Welcome to the world baby Zara. Daddy loves you," Marques wrote. "And to my baby mama @iammiyahouston, I love you."

In a 2022 interview with People magazine, Marques gushed over his daddy duties and declared his intentions on who he wants to be as a parent. With both Marques and Miya coming from musical backgrounds, it's hard not to predict the trajectory Zara will follow once she's older. Nonetheless, the doting father revealed that his main priority is being a supportive parent. "I want Zara to be able to carve out an interest in life early and whatever that may be, I want to be able to support her if it's the right thing to support," he told the publication. "I just want to be sure that I'm a great father, that I raise her well with all the spiritual values that I was raised with." His quest to fatherhood didn't stop there, as in 2023, Marques informed his Instagram followers that he and his wife are expecting yet again.

Marques Houston made his long-awaited return to music in 2022

During the height of his portrayal of Roger in "Sister, Sister," Marques Houston was worried about how his character on the show would affect his musical identity. Despite his lingering fears, Houston continued to thrive as an R&B singer for over 10 years after finding sitcom success. His fans, however, didn't know that his 2013 album, "Famous," would be the last time they'd hear from the "That Girl" singer for a while. Considering how active he has been curating Tubi-featured films, it's understandable why he took a well-deserved break from music. Fortunately, this didn't last forever, as in 2022, Houston made his long-awaited return and released a full-length studio album titled "Me."

The album's success caused Houston to release a deluxe edition and later, an EP titled "Me: Dark Water." In an interview with Rated R&B in 2023, Houston explained the reasoning for his return and what influenced him to do so. "I would say the inspiration definitely came from my wife and my daughter. Just beginning a new chapter in life, being married, and going through that new phase of myself dealing with life in a different aspect," he revealed. "Couple that with the fact that I would get a lot of messages and DMs like, 'Man, we need you back. We miss your music.' Just everything kind of compelled me to get back in the studio."

Marques Houston made headlines for defending his 19-year age gap with his wife

Despite Marques Houston's ever-growing career as an entrepreneur, film producer, and musician, darker details regarding his time in the entertainment industry began to surface. Due to his connection with Chris Stokes, it has been stated by former B2K member, DeMario "Raz-B" Thornton that the two have allegedly engaged in sexually abusive behaviors toward him and other young artists (via Essence). While Houston firmly denied those claims and filed a restraining order against Raz-B, these allegations have been a hanging cloud over his public identity. The matter only got worse in 2023 when he defended the age gap between him and his wife, Miya Houston.

In an episode of TV One TV's "Uncensored," Marques spoke about meeting his future beau at a Jehovah's Witness group event. "When I met my wife, she was 17," he explained. "So, you know, we had no really conversation, no really connection until, you know, she was of age." Due to his prior allegations, details of the 42-year-old's relationship with his 22-year-old wife didn't help the narrative. Instead, it caused fans and publications to accuse the R&B singer of grooming. Within the same year, Marques ran into TMZ and publicly defended his relationship, stating, "She keeps me young and fresh, what can I say? We have a love that people don't really understand, and I don't really care to explain it. It's what it is."