What Life Is Like For Denise Austin's Daughter Katie Now

Meet Katie Austin, the dynamic and influential daughter of none other than fitness icon Denise Austin; in the world of health and wellness, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. You might know Denise Austin as the trailblazing fitness sensation who has been inspiring generations to embrace healthier lifestyles for over four decades. But now, it's time to turn the spotlight onto Katie Austin and discover what life is like for this rising star.

Austin has made a name for herself in the fitness industry, following in her mother's footsteps. She's not just any fitness enthusiast; she's a force to be reckoned with. Her journey to fame has taken her to places like Sports Illustrated, where she made waves as a model in 2022. Her impressive career achievements and dedication to health and wellness have garnered attention and admiration from fans and fitness enthusiasts alike, especially on social media. She told the New York Post, "Anyone can teach you how to do squats, you have to like the person teaching it."

But what's life like for Katie Austin beyond the gym and the camera flashes? How does she balance her family legacy with her own aspirations? While she is Denise Austin's daughter, that doesn't mean nepotism is the reason she's made it big within the workout industry. Join us as we delve into the exciting and inspiring world of this fitness phenom as we take a look at her career path, personal life, influencer status, and brand.

Katie Austin has her own website with access for members

If you're wondering what's keeping Katie Austin busy these days, hold onto your yoga mats, because we've got the inside scoop. Austin, taking after her mother, has taken the fitness world by storm with her vibrant personality and passion for health and wellness.

She's not just inspiring us through social media or TV. She's opened the doors to her very own healthy haven — her website. It's not your run-of-the-mill site either; it's a dynamic platform that offers exclusive content to its members. Think high-energy workout videos that cater to all fitness levels, including upper body, lower body, cardio, Pilates, and yoga stretches. Of course, being healthy isn't only about exercise, which is why the website is chock-full of recipes to keep your nutrition on point. If you're super busy like the majority of us, there's even a handy app to carry Austin's fitness expertise with you wherever you go. And it's not just about sweating it out. Austin's website also offers a vibrant community to connect with. It seems whatever you're looking for within the wellness sphere, she's got you covered.

On top of a website dedicated to a healthier lifestyle, Austin sells a couple of T-shirts for those who might have attended her tour.

She goes on workout tours around the country

While Katie Austin can be found most often on her social media pages or website, she's been making waves with her workout tour that's been taking cities across the country by storm. It's a dynamic and interactive experience that's all about getting your heart pumping while keeping a smile on your face throughout.

Austin made the announcement in August 2023 on Instagram that she would be embarking on her second national workout tour, and going to six different cities: Los Angeles, San Diego, Dallas, New York City, Chicago, and Austin. Her videos showcase Austin's infectious energy as she poses with fans, laughs, dances, and has a fantastic time. One of the remarkable aspects of Austin's workout tour is the sense of community it fosters. Participants come together to celebrate a shared commitment to a healthier lifestyle, and she is there every step of the way.

On September 9, Austin started the tour in Los Angeles, posting a video to Instagram and writing in the caption, "Kicked off my workout tour yesterday in LA! ... Could not stop smiling yesterday!"

Katie Austin has a major social media presence

When it comes to her personal brand, Katie Austin's Instagram is the epicenter of her online influence. With a massive following on the platform, Austin uses her active social media presence not just to showcase her workouts but to empower and uplift her audience.

Scrolling through her feed is like getting a daily dose of positivity and enthusiasm. Austin's posts aren't just about perfect poses and toned abs; they're real and relatable. She shares her own fitness journey, complete with the ups and downs. But it's also not just about the physical. Her captions are often filled with motivational quotes and words of encouragement. Whether it's a sweaty post-workout selfie or a snapshot of a healthy meal, she's all about promoting a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

In a particularly body-positive post, Austin shared a video of herself that said at the beginning: "How to target your hip dips." However, as the video went further along, it changed to: "You don't!" She danced around in circles, clearly proud of her body. In the caption, she wrote, "Everyone's hips are different! Although it's important to keep your adductors + abductors (your inner + outer thighs) strong and healthy, here's a small reminder that genetics plays a huge [part] in every part of fitness." She reiterated this fact in the video, telling followers they should embrace what their mama gave them, and in her case, having genes from Denise Austin is definitely a win.

She's engaged to boyfriend Lane Armstrong

Katie Austin announced her engagement to boyfriend Lane Armstrong on April 2, 2023, posting an adorable series of photos to her Instagram page. The pair were seen on a beach during the proposal surrounded by dozens of white roses as well as a picnic blanket. Lane made sure to have two bottles of Austin's favorite wine waiting for them to enjoy along with the sunset. Per People, she wrote in her Instagram Stories that the wine was from two of her favorite trips the couple had gone on together.

In the caption, Austin gushed, "10,000 MILLION YES! I can't wait to be your wife." On May 31, the fitness influencer shared a video recapping the entire proposal weekend in which her fiance had several surprises up his sleeve. After spending a night together just the two of them, Austin was surprised by all her friends and family who brought her white outfits to wear. They decorated her room with bridal balloons and took a party bus to Nobu for a big dinner. But that wasn't the end of the surprises!

Austin and Armstrong's parents cooked a huge brunch for everyone before they all enjoyed a day at the beach, followed by Hibachi at home. It was certainly a massive undertaking, and it's anyone's guess how Austin's fiance managed to coordinate the entire thing without her finding out. The pair will get married in May 2024.

Katie Austin writes a column for SI Swimsuit

Katie Austin's journey includes more than just intense workouts; she also lends her expertise through a column for SI Swimsuit. On the Sports Illustrated website, she imparts valuable insights into healthy eating, lifestyle motivation, and much more.

Austin's articles include her favorite pumpkin recipes, low-carb ideas, how to become a morning person, and tips for fighting bloating, so it's easy to see her expertise is vast. Her articles are a source of inspiration for countless readers seeking to improve their lives. 

Austin's engaging writing style, combined with her genuine passion for wellness, gives her a big-sister vibe for many of her fans. Whether she's sharing tips on maintaining a balanced diet, staying motivated, or embracing an active lifestyle, Austin's words resonate with a wide audience. In January, she wrote an article with her tips on totally crushing 2023, though they can be used for any year. Some of her top suggestions include creating a mantra for yourself, slowing down in order to get a true evaluation of your life, meal prepping as well as efficient grocery shopping, and of course, being consistent in workouts. She's also taken the time to give a behind-the-scenes look at some of the awards shows she attended, including the ESPYs and the Sports Illustrated Sports Person of the Year Awards.

She has her own podcast called Austin AF

Beyond her fitness ventures, Katie Austin hosts her engaging podcast, "Austin AF," which adds an exciting dimension to her multifaceted career. "Austin AF" is an auditory treat where the fitness fanatic mostly interviews celebrities, influencers, athletes, and bloggers about everything from finance to relationships. She also has several episodes in which she appears alone to give advice on dating, career, and navigating your 20s.

Some of her best episodes include conversations with past "The Bachelor" alumni like Victoria Fuller and Shawn Booth, as well as Victoria's Secret Angels Josephine Skriver and Jasmine Tookes. She even gets super personal, with one of her episodes delving into how she found out her ex-boyfriend had been cheating on her and what she did about it.

What sets Austin apart is her ability to make these conversations feel like an intimate chat with a friend. Her authenticity shines through as she explores diverse perspectives and shares valuable insights. Austin's podcast not only informs but also entertains. In addition to her successful fitness journey, "Austin AF" showcases Austin's talent for connecting with her audience on a deeper level, ensuring her place as a beloved influencer in the wellness and podcasting realms. The best part? At least two episodes feature her mom Denise Austin as a guest!

Katie Austin is a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model

Katie Austin's career took an exciting turn with her recent success as a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model. In 2021, Austin co-won the coveted Swim Search competition, which catapulted her into the spotlight. Her appearance in the 2022 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue earned her the title of co-rookie of the year. This appearance in Sports Illustrated marked a significant milestone in her career and added to her growing list of accomplishments.

Austin's model page on the Sports Illustrated website showcases her stunning photos from the shoot, where she radiates confidence and beauty. Austin appeared for the third time in the pages of the magazine in May 2023, photographed by James Macari, and going full-on Barbiecore for her appearance in the Dominican Republic. She posed in a variety of string bikinis, several of which were pink, as she frolicked on the beach and splashed in the water. As for how she felt about appearing in the pages of the iconic magazine, Austin told the New York Post, "It was surreal. It's been such a lifelong dream."

The fitness influencer has a close relationship with Sports Illustrated, having walked the runway for them during Miami Swim Week. In July 2023 she shared a video from the event in which she donned a stunning purple string bikini. She captioned the video, "When in doubt of what to do on the runway ... dancing is always a good option."

She's always on the go

Katie Austin leads a dynamic and adventurous life that's the envy of many. As a fitness influencer, she not only lives a balanced life but also indulges her love for travel. Her Instagram feed is a testament to her jet-setting lifestyle, where she's often seen exploring picturesque destinations like Palm Springs, France, the Dominican Republic, and more.

This globe-trotting fitness guru shares her adventures with her social media family with many of the trips involving sponsored posts, or events for various brands. Her zest for life and exploration inspires her followers to find the balance between staying active and enjoying life's wonders. In March 2023, Austin gave followers a behind-the-scenes post for her Sports Illustrated photo shoot in the Dominican Republic where she enjoyed sunshine, having her makeup done, and a cold Corona beer. In June of the same year, Austin looked bright and colorful in a striking yellow dress as she posed for a post in Cannes, France. Per the caption, she was visiting the iconic city for a work trip with Spotify and Snapchat.

She later shared bikini snaps from that same week, where she had moved on to Côte d'Azur. Austin travels quite a bit closer to home as well, having taken a trip in August to the Hamptons with her childhood best friend. Clearly, Austin is always on the move and not just in her workout videos.

Katie Austin takes part in charity work

Katie Austin may have a busy life that includes workout tours, wedding planning, and lots of traveling, but she still makes time to do charity work. In January 2023, she teamed up with her famous mother to raise money for the No Kid Hungry campaign. No Kid Hungry is a charitable organization dedicated to ending child hunger in America. They work tirelessly to ensure that every child in the United States has access to healthy and nutritious meals.

The pair did a live 45-minute workout session together on Instagram, and though it was free, they were hoping that viewers would donate. In the heartwarming display of mother-daughter solidarity, the event was a testament to the power of fitness as a force for good. To promote the live event, Katie and Denise Austin shared a photo of themselves with their trademark shining smiles as they did a runner's lunge in matching exercise outfits. 

In the caption, they revealed the live workout would include "fun cardio, light toning, and ab work too." They added, "Get in a great workout while supporting this fantastic organization! This cause is something we are passionate about, as one in eight kids that live here in the U.S. lives with hunger — and we believe we can make a change!"

She's appeared on several talk shows sharing her knowledge

While the majority of her influence takes place via social media platforms such as Instagram, Katie Austin shares her wellness wisdom on a variety of popular talk shows as well. Alongside her mother Denise Austin, the fitness influencer appeared on the "Today Show" with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb in which they shared a few workout moves to do at home. The pair also went on the "Rachael Ray Show" in 2017 to share lower-calorie replacements for cravings.

During the pandemic, the mother and daughter were virtually interviewed on "The Doctors" and shared an at-home workout for viewers. Other shows Austin appeared on include "The Tamron Hall Show," on which she and her mom discussed their Sports Illustrated Miami Swim Week show walk, and "Good Morning LaLa Land."

These appearances have given her a platform to inspire and educate audiences about the importance of staying active and leading a healthy lifestyle. Her charismatic presence and fitness know-how make her a sought-after guest, and she's making a positive impact on viewers looking to improve their well-being.

Katie Austin is a brand ambassador for several fitness-related companies

Katie Austin has not only carved her own niche in the fitness world but has also become a sought-after brand ambassador for various fitness-related companies. Her influence and dedication to exercise and a balanced diet make her an ideal choice for these partnerships. This allows her to flaunt stylish activewear and also introduces her audience to brands she trusts and endorses.

In a post from November 2022, Austin's close relationship with her mom was put on display once again as the pair posed in activewear to promote the brand Aerie. They posed in three separate photos, including one at the beach in matching white T-shirts and leggings. In another fashionable post from February 2023, the fitness enthusiast was seen performing some yoga stretches on a breathtaking beach wearing a green one-piece outfit from Athleta. While she advertised the outfit, she didn't forget to add some tips for her followers, writing in the caption, "Don't forget to slow down to focus on you. A few of my favorite forms of care are the beach, movement, and finding an outfit I feel comfortable in."

On top of sponsored posts, she often does giveaways for her followers. In August 2023, she offered an opportunity for a follower and one of their friends to spend a dream weekend in Los Angeles at the La Peer Hotel.