The Sweet Birthday Surprise Donny Osmond Once Gave Jennifer Garner

Celebrities are just like us — they have their own celebrity crushes too! And one down-to-earth celeb got the chance to meet hers in the wake of a milestone birthday. A couple of days before Jennifer Garner's 50th birthday in 2022, she was surprised with a visit (and a song!) from Donny Osmond.

Garner shared the experience on Instagram. In the video, she watches a clip of Donny singing a birthday song for her. Then, the man himself appears behind her with a personalized cake and sings along! Garner laughs and gives Donny a big hug. The video shows a close-up of her cake — decorated with a photo of her younger self and the text, "13 Going on 50! Love Donny!" After a little more singing, the video ends.

In the caption, Garner called Donny, " ... the one and only, legend in his own time, object of my childhood adoration and devotion ... " She went on to say that he spent 90 minutes with her, " ... to sit with me, sing my favorites, and to give me a master class on how to be a class act. Thank you, Donny." Garner added a purple heart emoji, tagged and said hello to Donny's sister Marie Osmond, and told his wife Debbie Osmond that she wants to meet her one day.

Osmond and Garner interacted on Instagram a few years before her 50th birthday

Donny Osmond shared his impromptu birthday celebration with Jennifer Garner on his Instagram and TikTok accounts as well. This is not the first time that Garner and Osmond have interacted, however. In a now-deleted Instagram post from 2019, Katie Couric posted a video of a performance featuring The Osmonds family band and Cher. Garner commented "My number one biggest crush of all time" on the video, tagged Osmond, and added a kissing emoji.

Osmond replied, "Miraculous that those jumpsuits didn't scare you away" with a laughing-face emoji (via People). He later took to his Instagram story to commemorate their interaction and to congratulate Garner for being on the cover of People's Beautiful Issue for 2019. He added, "No beauty shines greater than a good heart." 

Osmond seems to genuinely love his fans and be a kind soul to his core. In addition to meeting Garner for her birthday, Osmond is great at popping up in unexpected places to surprise fans.

One fan 'fell' for Osmond — literally!

Although Osmond's grandson immediately knew his Masked Singer identity, he does know how to keep a secret and plan a great surprise. In one example from "The Rachael Ray Show," Osmond surprised a fan named Margaret with all-new furniture — and a personal appearance. In a (seemingly) prerecorded clip, Osmond thanked Margaret for being a fan and said that because of her support of his career and work, " ... my kids can go to college!" He then said he was giving her furniture from the Donny Osmond Home brand. Margaret was thrilled, but her excitement shot through the roof when Osmond snuck up and gave her a hug from behind.

When Margaret realized just who it was giving her that hug, she screamed, "Oh my God!" and fell to the ground in joy and shock, with Donny falling with her. The studio audience cheered and Donny laughed. He was all smiles when he said, "That was priceless. Hi, Margaret. Margaret fell for me!" He called Margaret's friend to join them on stage, and Ray informed them that in addition to the furniture, they also got tickets to see Osmond's show in Vegas. The women were so happy, they couldn't stop hugging the superstar.