Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week Of 10/2: Kate Gets Stern With Rex

Spooky season is fast approaching as October begins this week, and that means that strange happenings are occurring on "Days of Our Lives." Well, no stranger than usual. Fans can still expect to see multiple characters making illegal deals, claiming birthrights, and scrambling as their deceptions are revealed this upcoming week on the soap.

Along with those storylines, viewers will see the tension between Jada, Shawn, Talia, and Belle growing to a boiling point; danger finding Ava, Harris, Rafe, and Tripp during their search for Susan Banks; and the fallout of Sarah's decision to hide her daughter's paternity from Xander. Right now, the biggest plotlines involve Alex finding out he's Victor's son, Sarah's complicated relationship with Xander and Rex, and Gwen revealing she knows about Leo and Dimitri's affair.

For fans who are curious to know, here's what is going to happen on "Days of Our Lives" the week of October 2, 2023.

Gwen confronts Leo

Leo and Dimitri's affair is blown wide open on Monday, Oct. 2, when Gwen confronts Leo. Dimitri and Leo have been carrying on behind Gwen's back even before Gwen and Dimitri were married, but she recently confided in Kristin that she's known about the affair for some time now. Sparks will fly when Gwen finally lets her best friend have it for betraying her with her very own husband. Will they be able to salvage their friendship, or is this the last straw for Leo and Gwen?

Jada and Shawn come to blows

Violence finds Shawn on Monday, Oct. 2, as Jada and Shawn come to blows. Shawn has been spiraling since he accidentally sent Bo into a coma, and his bad decisions came to a head when he got drunk after Victor's funeral and slept with Jada's sister, Talia. Jada was not happy when she found out that Talia had slept with Shawn, and viewers will see her anger come out when she confronts her partner about it. Time will tell if Shawn will finally get the help he needs or continue to self-destruct.

EJ gives his inside man new orders

On Wednesday, Oct. 4, EJ tries once again to avenge his mother, Susan Banks, by killing Ava Vitali. EJ's first attempt at ordering a hit on Ava didn't work, as Harris Michaels saved her and they escaped from Bayview together. Now that the two are on the run looking for Susan, EJ will try again, and this time he might be more successful. Will Ava be able to find Susan alive before EJ snuffs Ava out, or will she be killed before she can tell him the truth about his mother?

Kate tries to talk sense into Rex

Kate offers Rex some stern motherly advice on Wednesday, Oct. 4. Rex was determined to stand by Sarah and act as her daughter's father to keep Xander away from her, but Xander eventually figured out the truth. Rex will no doubt be protective of Sarah and her child, but Kate will be looking out for her son. Given her less-than-optimal opinion of Sarah, Kate's advice will lean more toward letting Xander and Sarah work through their problems while Rex takes a step back (or runs for the hills, in Kate's opinion).

Chloe and Philip make a life-changing decision

On Thursday, Oct. 5, Chloe and Philip make a decision that will affect both of their lives. Chloe and Xander's relationship is up in the air ever since she told him that he was the father of Sarah's baby, and that paved the way for Philip to comfort Chloe. Philip and Chloe have had a complicated relationship, but there are obviously unresolved feelings there. Will Chloe choose him over Xander, or will she hold out hope that Xander will come back to her?

Alex stakes a claim

Alex takes a stand on Friday, Oct. 6, as he stakes a claim in the family. Alex's world was turned on its side when he found out that Victor is his biological father, not Justin. After Victor left him 50% of the Kiriakis estate, Alex was quite dazed with all of this new information, not knowing what to do with it. Viewers will see him take charge and make a decision about the family business and his role in it as he comes to terms with his new place in the world (or at least Salem).