Who's The Most Underrated Member Of The Royal Family? Here's What Fans Had To Say

Royal fans are often busy following the latest drama surrounding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle or keeping tabs on the latest trip taken by Prince William and Kate Middleton. After all, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and the Prince and Princess of Wales are constantly in the headlines. But that doesn't mean other members of the royal family don't have their share of fans as well. 

We asked our readers on Facebook which member of the royal family is the most underrated. While there were a few mentions of everyone from Prince Harry to the corgis formerly owned by the late Queen Elizabeth II, two names were repeated over and over again in the comments: Princess Anne and Princess Sophie.

Both working royals, these two women might not take center stage very often and they might not hog the spotlight, but they sure do shine in the minds and hearts of people who follow the goings-on of the British royal family.   

Why Anne and Sophie are so well-loved

Princess Anne, known by her official title of the Princess Royal, is the younger sister of King Charles III and was the only daughter of the late Queen Elizabeth II. An avid equestrian, Anne not only competed in the Montreal Olympic Games in 1976, but she has channeled her love of horses into supporting organizations that use therapeutic horse riding to help the disabled. Her passion for charity is a long-lived one, and she has served as president of Save the Children UK since 1970. 

Princess Sophie, who is the wife of Prince Edward, is known as the Duchess of Edinburgh. Formerly called the Countess of Wessex, when King Charles III bestowed the title of Duke of Edinburgh upon his brother Edward, Sophie also received a new title. Sophie was thought to be one of Queen Elizabeth's most beloved relatives, and a royal biographer told Town and Country that "she's very much the Queen's favorite." As part of her royal duties, she is the patron of over 70 different charities, and like Princess Anne, she has a passion for helping those in need and giving back to her community and nation. 

We aren't surprised that so many of our readers have such strong and positive feelings about these two royal women!