Prince William Vs. Kate Middleton: Fans Are In Agreement About Who Prince George Resembles The Most

As the oldest child of William and Kate, Prince and Princess of Wales, Prince George has always had all eyes on him. Over the years, we've watched him grow from the little bundle of joy wrapped in his beaming mother's arms as she emerged from the hospital to the stoic young man who stalwartly played a role in the coronation of his grandfather, King Charles III.

Prince George officially hit the double digits — age 10 — this year. The older he gets, the more we see his features start to resemble those of his parents. Therefore, the classic question came to mind: which parent does the child resemble most? We had to know. On September 28, 2023, we asked royal fans to give their take on who Prince George looks the most like, his dad, Prince William, or his mom, Kate Middleton. The comments came pouring in, and it wasn't long before we had a clear winner.

Prince George has the looks of his father

The question was posed to The List's readers: which parent, Prince William or Kate Middleton, do you think Prince George resembles most? Sorry, mom, but it looks like royal fans are in agreement — out of all the responses we received, nearly half believed that Prince George is the spitting image of his dad. A handful of comments gave their vote to the princess, and the rest said a different family member entirely.

Some fans were a bit more generous and stated that he resembles both Prince William and Kate. However, those fans usually tacked on that the young prince just looks so much more like his father. Others couldn't spot the likeness in either. "He doesn't look like either one of them, but probably Prince William," one response read, giving dad the edge once more. As far as specific features, a fan speculated that Prince George's mouth "is just like" his grandfather's, King Charles. Another found that Prince George looks more like his grand-uncle, Prince Andrew, than either of his parents.

There was an unofficial nominee for whom Prince George resembles most who drew a lot of support from royal fans. Many pointed out that Prince George bears an almost uncanny resemblance to Princess Diana's brother, Charles Spencer, the 9th Earl Spencer.