A Look Back At Jenna Ortega's Stint On Days Of Our Lives

Jenna Ortega is by far one of the most talked-about actors in the entertainment industry, both her fans and critics alike can't get over her talent in front of the cameras. Not only is she one of the biggest names in Hollywood, but she's also one of the hardest-working ones, too. Despite her young and tender age though, Ortega also gets it. She knows that the industry isn't for everyone, and that's why she's very careful and cautious with the advice that she's given on a daily basis. She told the Wall Street Journal in 2023, "I try to only listen to people who are genuinely in my life and care for me and are supportive of me. It's really important just to remember that all that stuff isn't real as soon as you turn your phone off."

That maturity may stem from the fact that Ortega has been acting for longer than most of her fans even realize. Actually, she even had a short stint on the hit daytime television soap "Days of Our Lives" that not many fans know about.

Jenna Ortega's memorable soap performance

Before she became a household name thanks to her roles in "Stuck In The Middle" and "Wednesday," Jenna Ortega started her career just like so many other major Hollywood stars out there: on soap operas. Back in 2013, an 11-year-old Ortega showed off her acting chops in an episode of "Days of Our Lives." She played Hayley, a character who ended up on the wrong side of the tracks in Salem. Ortega shared a very memorable scene with "Days of Our Lives" star Eileen Davidson (Kristen DiMera). In it, Kristen tells her that she was once a little girl that was lost just like Hayley, and that she didn't have anyone to turn to, either. Kristen and Hayley then shared a hug, with Kristen promising the little girl that things would get better in her life. 

Davidson shared the throwback clip on her X account and wrote, "She was so good even then!" Many of Davidson's social media followers also commented on the scene with, "She was playing off you like crazy! What a little thespian," along with, "Why am I crying?!"

Ortega isn't the only Hollywood star who has daytime television roots. There have been plenty of celebrities who surprisingly got their start on soap operas. So, how does Ortega feel about her career now?

Jenna Ortega is all about her craft

Whether or not Jenna Ortega would be willing to go back to her daytime television roots remains to be seen. However, it seems like those days are definitely in the past now for this Hollywood star. Ortega told Elle back in March 2023 that while she loves what she does, she's not someone who is doing it all for the fame. She said, "If I want to make films so badly and I want to play characters or I want to direct and write film scores, I could do that all in my backyard. I don't have to be doing it on a grand scale like this."

Then again, Ortega is not your ordinary celebrity. In true "Wednesday" style, she likes to dress in her signature black, and she has even managed to stir some internet controversy by doing things like eating a kiwi with the skin on (per Access). 

Ortega might not be looking to go back to the soap opera world, but there's no doubt that Salem could certainly use a girl like her again. We hear that the role of Gabi DiMera might soon be available since Camila Banus has decided to leave "Days of Our Lives." Someone get her agent on the phone!