How Do Bruce Willis' Oldest Daughters Feel About Their Stepmom Emma Heming?

Bruce Willis is famous for his illustrious Hollywood career, boasting a filmography that spans over 100 movies. Yet, perhaps even more impressive is his role as a devoted father to five daughters. The star welcomed three of his kids, Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah, when he was married to fellow actor Demi Moore. Willis and Moore called it quits in 1998, finalizing their divorce two years later.

In 2007, Bruce entered a new chapter of his life when he met Emma Heming, whom he married in 2009. The couple welcomed their first daughter, Mabel, in 2012, followed by Evelyn in 2014. Despite their dad moving on, Willis' first three daughters had no problem accepting Heming into their lives. The entire group, including Moore, spends significant time together, and, as a source told People, are "one happy family."

The dynamics of this blended family took an unexpected turn in 2022 when Willis was diagnosed with aphasia, a disorder affecting speech. About a year later, a statement from the family disclosed that the actor is battling frontotemporal dementia, also known as FTD, a rare form of dementia resulting from neuron damage in the brain's frontal and temporal lobes. FTD has no cure. As he battles with the progressive condition, Willis' adult daughters, along with his ex and current wife, have united to support him through the challenging journey.

The girls have nothing but love for their stepmom

In recognition of World Frontotemporal Dementia Awareness Week, Emma Heming opened up to Hoda Kotb on "Today," shedding light on the difficulty of dealing with dementia. "Dementia is hard," she stated, adding, "When they say this is a family disease, it really is." Her life has been turned upside down amid Bruce Willis' diagnosis, and her stepdaughters are well aware of the challenges she's facing.

In response to Heming's interview, Scout and Tallulah Willis took to Instagram Stories to express their love and support for her. Scout shared a snippet of the interview, as reported by People, emphasizing how proud she was of Heming for raising awareness about FTD and praising her resilience. Scout added, "Your courage is moving mountains." Tallulah echoed her sister's sentiments by reposting the Instagram Story with the words, "So proud of my family" and tagging Heming.

During the interview, Heming revealed it is "hard to know" whether her husband is aware of his condition, not going into further detail. She described her husband's diagnosis as a double-edged sword, acknowledging the relief of finally understanding what was happening. In addition to her stepdaughters, Heming is on good terms with her husband's ex-wife, Demi Moore.

The family is facing Bruce Willis' FTD diagnosis together

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis have maintained a close relationship following their divorce, openly expressing support for each other. In a 2000 conversation with Rolling Stone, Willis stated, "I still love Demi. We're very close," adding, "Our friendship continues." When the "Die Hard" actor was initially diagnosed with aphasia, Moore shared a collective family statement on her Instagram. "We are moving through this as a strong family unit," she wrote alongside a smiling photo of her ex-husband.

The "Ghost" star frequently shares touching pictures of their blended family, emphasizing her warmth towards Emma Heming along the way. On Women's Day in 2021, Moore posted a carousel of photos featuring women she finds inspiring, including her ex-husband's new wife. "I [see her] as family who I am honored to call a friend," Moore wrote of Heming, continuing, "We are mothers united, sisters bonded on this crazy adventure of life." Whether celebrating birthdays or holidays, the family keeps close together and is evidently navigating Willis' heartbreaking diagnosis the same way.