Angie Harmon's Oldest Daughter Is All Grown Up And Stunning

Angie Harmon and her ex-husband, NFL alum Jason Sehorn, have three daughters: Finley Faith, Avery Grace, and Emery Hope Sehorn. The eldest, Finley, arrived on October 14, 2003, and her birth would be the start of the model-turned-actor's journey into motherhood — an experience that has forever changed her world.

"I had a job and career, but then I became a mom, and that became my top priority," Harmon told AARP in 2022. "After 'Rizzoli & Isles' ended in 2016, I told the girls I wouldn't work on a show that took me away from them like that. And I haven't." The decision to relocate her family was not easy, but it was the right one. "They're smart, brutally intelligent, and wickedly funny, but they're not hard," Harmon told Charlotte Magazine about her daughters in 2023. "There's still a softness to them."

Finley Faith Sehorn is all these things, but some qualities set her apart from her sisters. Meet Angie Harmon's eldest daughter, the beautiful and bright young woman who was raised with values and away from the spotlight. And yes, she's basically her model mom's doppelgänger.

Finley Faith Sehorn was raised in North Carolina

Angie Harmon is a public figure, but she didn't want to force that lifestyle onto her children. In an effort to give their kids a normal childhood, Harmon and Jason Sehorn left Los Angeles for Charlotte, North Carolina. As far as Harmon's concerned, putting family over fame was the right decision. "I'm happy that we moved," she told Good Housekeeping in 2011.

The "Baywatch Nights" actor praised the "slower way of life," which includes letting her girls feed geese in their yard and ride their bikes. Their new neighborhood was also different. "There's a church on every corner as opposed to just a Starbucks ... The people are just a little nicer — more real," Harmon said. In a 2023 chat with Charlotte Magazine, she echoed these statements. "I didn't want to raise my daughters in L.A. or New York because it was too much, too fast, too hard," she said. "I wanted them to grow up in the South, and it's served them well."

As much as Harmon loves life in Charlotte, there's no denying that it can be tough when she's filming on the other side of the country. "Rizzoli & Isles," for example, was shot in Los Angeles, which meant that she was away from her family home for significant chunks of time. "It breaks my heart that I don't see my daughters every day, don't get to hug them and brush their hair," Harmon told Good Housekeeping.

Finley Faith Sehorn's dad is a 'hands-on' parent

When Angie Harmon was filming "Rizzoli & Isles" in Los Angeles, she relied heavily on her then-husband, Jason Sehorn, to keep things afloat in Charlotte. "He's the most wonderful father — so hands-on," she told Good Housekeeping in 2010. "If I get up in the night with the baby, he does the morning shift and lets me sleep in. We understand that life's messy and doesn't always go according to a certain schedule." This is not the only time Harmon praised Sehorn for his parenting abilities. "My husband is the most brilliant father on the planet," she said at the ABC TCAs in 2017, per People. But hey, evidently the cornerback has some limits: Harmon told Good Housekeeping that he isn't exactly a great cook.

Suffice to say, Finley Faith Sehorn grew up with parents who worked as a team. "We're both strict," Harmon told Good Housekeeping. "We're pretty much 'bad cop/bad cop.' We back each other up." That said, the actor did loosen up on the reins ever-so-slightly as the years went on. "I'd definitely say I'm a fun one," she told Smashing Interviews in 2022. "I wouldn't say that I'm strict. I would say that the few rules I do have are non-negotiable, you know?"

Finley Faith Sehorn's mom shared important values from a young age

Finley Faith Sehorn has been raised with values that have shaped the woman she has become. "We all want physically healthy children, but I also want girls who have high self-esteem and good values, morals, and ethics," Angie Harmon told Spry Living in 2013. "Making sure all of that is intact is probably the hardest thing." Harmon has also made it a priority to ensure her kids understand the importance of being financially independent. "I hope they never have to depend on a man for money," she said in Charlotte Magazine. "If they want to go to Louboutin and buy the same shoe in four colors, they won't have to ask anybody to do that."

Speaking of money matters, the Hollywood veteran wants Finley and her sisters to be polite and always know their worth. "The girls absolutely have to have manners," Harmon told Good Housekeeping in 2010. However, being polite should never come at the cost of sticking up for themselves. "Women need to know that who they are is precious and important so that they're able to make informed decisions about who's loving them in the way that they need to be loved," Harmon told Spry Living, noting that this was a life lesson she aimed to share with her daughters. "I'm hoping to ... equip them to go out into society and be steadfast in who they are," she said.

Angie Harmon is proud of her daughter

It is no secret that actor Angie Harmon loves being a mother to her kids — and it's also no secret that she loves each of her kids for who they are. "I never really saw myself as a mom," she told AARP in 2022. "But my girls are the coolest people I've ever met — hilarious, beautiful, all three of them. They are at the age — teenagers — where everyone else goes, 'Ugh.' And I think to myself, Mine are kind of amazing."

This is not the only time Harmon has referred to her daughters in an overwhelmingly positive way. In 2022, she celebrated Finley Faith Sehorn's birthday with a touching Instagram post. "Another year has passed, and I am even more proud of you than the last!" she wrote alongside a pic of her hugging her eldest. She also praised Finley for bringing "joy and light" into her life.

The year before that, Finley celebrated a milestone birthday: she turned 18. The "Living Proof" actor welcomed her daughter's transition into adulthood by sharing a bunch of photos on Instagram. "I remember the first time I held you in my arms and you looking up at me the moment you heard my voice ... I remember thinking/KNOWING in that precise moment that I loved you more than anything or anyone on this planet," she wrote. "I am proud of who you have become and what you will bring to this world."

Finley Faith Sehorn was taught to be kind

In Finley Faith Sehorn's family, kindness is always key. What's more, her mom wanted her and her sisters to recognize just how fortunate they are from a young age. "I was yanking on the girls to give up their old toys and telling them to think about the little ones who don't have anything, but they just didn't understand at all," Angie Harmon told Good Housekeeping in 2011. "So I decided to show them pictures of poor children in other countries, and now they get it. We all take big bags of toys to Goodwill." She's also made a point of teaching her girls to be considerate of others. "They need to know that everybody needs to be respected," Harmon said. "There is no one on this planet who's better than they are, and they aren't better than anybody else."

The TV star has stressed the value of treating others well and raised her girls to know how they should and should not act. "I was able to teach my girls that mean-girl behavior is hurtful and only showcases the insecurity of the person who's talking as opposed to the fault of the person they're talking about," she told Charlotte Magazine. 

Evidently, Harmon's approach to parenting has worked out well. As she told Parade in 2022, "My three girls are happy, healthy and hilarious, and that's certainly an accomplishment."

Finley Faith Sehorn was raised to embrace having a 'healthy' body

As someone whose career as a model and actor took off the '90s, Angie Harmon is certainly no stranger to problematic conversations about size, weight, and overall physical appearance. But while raising Finley Faith Sehorn and her other daughters, Harmon has been careful with the words she uses. "When the girls were little, we never said words like 'skinny' or 'fat.' We always said 'healthy' or 'in shape,'" she told Charlotte Magazine.

Putting these ideas into practice was not always so simple. "For a while there, with the girls, it was all about the skinny-fat thing," she told Spry Living in 2013. "But I had to explain to them that's not what it's about. It's about having your body be the best it can be. It's about being strong." In the aforementioned chat with Charlotte Magazine, Harmon acknowledged that social media has made all of this even more tricky. "Now that they're older, it's TikTok and everyone's in bikinis and twerking," she said. "That's been a tough one, letting them know they don't need to get validation from pictures or images you post of yourself out there." 

That said, Harmon is not one to shy away from gushing about her daughters on Instagram. When Finley shared some snaps from an August 2023 trip to Telluride, the "Buried in Barstow" actor took to the Instagram post's comment section: "It's the undeniable beauty for me." On another one of Finley's IG posts, Harmon simply wrote, "stunning." Cute, right?

Finley Faith Sehorn has a close bond with her mom

If there's one thing we can take away from Angie Harmon's Instagram, it's that she and Finley Faith Sehorn have a close bond. In August 2023, Harmon shared that she and her eldest daughter took a cross-country road trip, with stops in Louisiana and Texas. Harmon posted the photos on Instagram and shared some highlights from their adventure. "I love Louisiana! The food, the people & the FOOD! " she wrote.

Finley's all grown up, and her relationship with her mom has grown, too. "Since she's the oldest, she understands more about me now as a person," Harmon told Smashing Interviews. "She helps in the kitchen and helps around the house. She does her own laundry and all these things that in the beginning she said, 'Oh, Mom will do it.'"

In addition to having a respectful relationship, Harmon and Finley also have similar interests. In a 2022 interview with Parade, the veteran actor dished that she and Finley share a love of gardening. "She comes out and plants and trims the roses and stuff with me. Even she finds it therapeutic," the star shared.

Angie Harmon's eldest is a dedicated big sister

It shouldn't come as a surprise that Angie Harmon's kids are sporty — after all, their father is a former professional athlete. "We hike, we bike ride. Sometimes the girls ride bikes, and we run with them," she told Spry Living in 2013. "I can't figure out if that's the smartest or the dumbest thing I've ever come up with." By all accounts, when it comes to sports, Finley Faith Sehorn sure seems to be in her little sisters' corner. In December 2021, for example, Harmon shared a pic on Instagram of both of Emery Sehorn's older siblings supporting her at a soccer match. Of course, that sisterly support isn't limited to the soccer field. Harmon has also posted a number of pics of Finley celebrating Emery and Avery Sehorn's birthdays and other life moments.

While Finley sure seems to have a loving bond with her little sisters, Harmon has acknowledged that the three siblings can go from besties to enemies in the blink of an eye. "I'm an only child, so the whole fighting thing, I don't understand one bit," Harmon told Fox News in 2011. "I'll pick up the older two from school, the baby's home. They'll hug each other for about 20 seconds, and then it becomes bickering and crying and complaining."

She is a university student

In 2022, Finley Faith Sehorn celebrated a special milestone: she graduated from college. Her mom, Angie Harmon, was thrilled to celebrate the achievement. She posted several photos of the day on Instagram, showing Finley wearing a graduation gown and cap. In the caption, she congratulated her daughter and commended her for being a "bright star." She added, "We are all so immensely proud of you & all that you have done & who you have grown to be!! Love you more than anything & everything!!! #classof2022." Finley celebrated the moment on her Instagram account, but her caption was a little less sentimental: "Pov I'm finally free."

After graduating from high school, Finley headed to the University of Arizona in fall of 2022. And when Harmon helped her settle into her first apartment in Tucson in 2023, it was a memorable and emotional moment for both of them. The actor posted a short video clip on Instagram of herself embracing Finley. "That's that 'my first apartment' filter," she wrote in the caption.

Having Finley away from home is something the "Law & Order" actor is still getting used to. She shared a snap of herself and Finley saying goodbye at the airport and, in the caption, discussed how she was looking forward to her coming home again. "Very #thankful to have had my girls together for Thanksgiving. Only a couple more weeks until she'll be home for Christmas!!" Harmon wrote.

Religion plays an important part in their lives

While some celebrities may shy away from talking about hot-button topics like religion and politics, Angie Harmon is vocal about her views. "I'm a liberal Republican," she once told More magazine (via USA Today). "Call it naïveté or stupidity, but I didn't know that unless you are a Democrat, you aren't allowed to talk politics in Hollywood."

The actor, who is a proud Christian, raised Finley Faith Sehorn in a religious home. "As a mother, I can't be close enough to God. I am always praying for protection," the "Fun with Dick and Jane" actor said in an interview with Good Housekeeping in 2010. Even Finley's middle name gives a glimpse into the importance of religion to the family. "Their middle names aren't Faith, Grace, and Hope because I'm an atheist," Harmon told Good Housekeeping. "I pray every day for my little girls. It's hard out there for the younger generation." 

Speaking of protection, Finley's mom would be the first to admit she's a no-nonsense mama bear. "I've certainly become more protective of my family time & my time off," she told Modern Mom. Nothing divisive about that.