General Hospital Star Michael Easton Doesn't Have High Hopes For Finn And Liz's Future

The relationship between Dr. Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) and head nurse Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) on "General Hospital" has often infuriated fans, and many have called for the show to hang up their romance. Part of the viewers' perceived issue is that, while they had chemistry at first, especially when Liz was helping Finn to save the life of his brother Hamilton Chase (Josh Swickard), he became a knight in shining armor and she wasn't allowed to deal with problems on her own. Herbst has played the character since 1997, making her a legacy character.

Easton was at a "GH" fan event that was covered by Soap Hub on October 5, and the actor acknowledged Webber's legacy status while adding that Finn seems to be an "interloper" in her stories. "She's meant so much to so many people and has been involved with so many great storylines, and I think that's certainly very challenging from my standpoint, and it's almost daunting," he explained. He praised his co-star by noting, "Any day that she's on screen, it's a better day for 'General Hospital' because I think she brings so much to it."

When it was revealed that a young Liz had been indirectly responsible for the death of Finn's wife, a huge rift was created between them. Now that they're starting to reconnect, Easton had some thoughts on what the future may hold for the unlikely couple, and it's not looking all that bright. 

Easton has faith in the writers

Because the relationship between Hamilton Finn and Elizabeth Webber seems to have started and stopped several times on the show, Michael Easton noted, "I think the odds are kind of stacked against them right now because it has been drawn out, and it's lost a little bit of momentum at times." He felt that the relationship between the characters had gone down several different paths, and wasn't sure if that had helped their story at all. Easton also remarked that by Liz and Finn attempting another try at a relationship, they're taking a gamble. "I think that they have to," he stated. Fans have felt their on-again, off-again status has dragged on for far too long, and it would appear that the actors feel the same way, as Easton added, "You can only stretch things out so long, and at some point, you have to have some resolve to all of the stories."

He felt that there are two directions the Finn and Liz romance can go: either they finally get together, or they fizzle out and go their separate ways. Considering one of the fan names for Finn and Liz is "Fizz," that could be a sign that it's just not in the cards for them. Either way, Easton believes that the writers will do right by their characters, stating, "I think, if they commit to it, we can commit to it, and we can have fun. At least have good storytelling."