GH's Tabyana Ali Crystallizes The Reason Spencer & Trina Romance Is So Important

The moment has finally arrived for "General Hospital" fans: Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Chavez) and Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali) made love for the first time on the September 29 episode. It's been a long road for them, after dealing with Spencer's lies and Trina being framed, they went on to help save the world in an adventure in Greenland which drew comparisons to the legendary Luke and Laura. In an interview posted on October 5, Ali sat down with Soap Hub to give her reactions to the monumental scenes. She was especially pleased that it happened in New York City, rather than Port Charles, "Where there might have been an interruption." There almost was because Spencer's baby brother Ace, whom he helps take care of, had a chicken pox scare at his daycare facility. Thankfully, it was just a scare, and the couple took in a show and had a romantic meal in the Big Apple before consummating their relationship.

The fact that they're an interracial couple was not lost on Ali, who pointed out, "Representation is important. People like to feel included. They want to know they're not the only one in a situation. To see it played out on a show like this makes people feel included." She felt that the progress of an interracial couple such as theirs would have been unheard of a short time ago, remarking, "Seeing Sprina [Spencer and Trina] together is a beautiful thing. It's something that can be accepted."

Ali feels she's inspiring viewers

Soap Hub also reported that Tabyana Ali will be joining several other castmates at a "General Hospital" fan event in Elvis Presley's home, Graceland, from October 27 to 29, 2023. She's excited to meet the fans again, especially knowing what a difference her character has made in their lives. "In some way, seeing me on TV has inspired them. They see a young woman who looks like me, and many feel that they didn't get to see that on TV when they were younger — especially on soaps," she explained. She also added that the fans get more involved in the storylines on screen by being able to relate to her. Plus, they're beyond enamored with Sprina, as one posted a video of them on X, formerly known as Twitter, writing, "This Prince has found his soulmate and she too loves him unconditionally. It's a beautiful thing!"

Ali admitted that much like the fans, she watched the love scene several times over, praising it for its classy presentation. She also credited intimacy coordinator Liz La Mura for making both her and Nicholas Chavez feel completely comfortable and secure when they filmed the scene. As to the denouement of Spencer and Trina's physical union, Ali remarked, "They've finally been given their alone time, they're happy...I don't want to say 'happy ending.' It's not the ending. But they were able to do this together." Not the end indeed, as we are so looking forward to what's next in store for this beloved couple!