Melania Trump Reportedly Prioritizes Barron's Trust Fund Amid Donald's Legal Woes

The secret to Donald and Melania Trump's marriage may have nothing to do with date nights, romantic gifts, or sweet affirmations of love. Rather, it endures because of Melania's determination to avoid the drama surrounding her husband. Sources informed Page Six that the famously private former first lady prefers to stay behind the scenes, offering support and a calm space at home — and Donald definitely needs that kind of oasis.

Aside from drumming up support for a third presidential bid, he's been swamped with numerous court appearances related to the former president's business records and his involvement in the unsuccessful attempt to reverse the 2020 election. Melania has also been keeping her distance from Donald's campaign appearances; however, this has nothing to do with the state of their union, according to The New York Times

She reportedly feels her husband can win over the GOP without her being at his side at every single rally. In January 2024, the Trumps will celebrate their 19th wedding anniversary, making this by far Donald's longest marriage to date. While there's every indication their union will continue to last, Melania wisely has the worst-case scenario at the back of her mind. If, by chance, they don't make it to the "'til death do us part" portion of their vows, she has taken steps to ensure she and their son will be taken care of for years to come. 

Melania Trump's prenup reportedly got a boost

An insider dished to Page Six that Melania Trump lawyered up to adjust her prenuptial agreement with Donald Trump as his 2024 presidential campaign moved forward. Though the source claims there's no divorce in the works, a prenup is still designed to make things less messy and time-consuming if the marriage doesn't last. It also ensures the less wealthy partner gets their fair share of the household earnings, which is said to be Melania's motivation for the renegotiation. 

"Melania is most concerned about maintaining and increasing a substantial trust for their son, Barron," they explained. The timing is no coincidence, of course. Between the millions of dollars Donald has already been ordered to pay in past court judgments, plus the millions more he may be instructed to shell out after the ensuing cases culminate, the controversial politician's bank account could take a massive beating. 

Being committed to a prenuptial agreement prevents Donald from giving Melania less than the agreed-upon amount if they divorce. He might even have to do without some luxuries to make up for any shortfall. It also guarantees a substantial amount is set aside for Barron that will be released to him as an adult.

Raising a Trump isn't cheap

Tons of Trump family members have been divorced over the years; in addition to Donald Trump's two famous splits, both of his brothers, one of his sisters, and his oldest son, Donald Jr., also had failed marriages. The former president's supporters hope his union with Melania Trump will go the distance, but if it doesn't, at least she and their son won't have to worry about finances. The couple's updated prenuptial agreement will give Melania more money, plus a guaranteed "minimum" amount for Barron Trump, according to another of Page Six's sources.

Of course, no numbers have been released, but it's a safe bet to say a lot of zeroes are involved. Assuming Melania would want to continue living at Mar-a-Lago with Barron after a split, she would have to pay around $20,000 in annual dues, per the Palm Beach Post. If the former first lady had to re-register as a new member, that would set her back another $200,000, plus additional expenses. As for Barron, he currently attends a super-pricey private high school. He'll graduate in 2024, and then there's college to consider. 

If Barron hopes to earn an MBA at Wharton — his dad's alma mater — that would take an additional $223,500 out of the coffers. It seems unlikely Melania would seek a divorce during Donald's run for office, and even less likely she'd do so during a second White House stay. Still, a prenup is a smart move for the spouse of any wealthy partner.