Days Newcomer Jaime Martin Mann Drops Hint About Tate's Return & We See Love In His Future

When Kristen DiMera (then Eileen Davidson) stole an embryo from a pregnant Theresa Donovan (then Jen Lilley) in 2014, she ended up giving birth to her and Brady Black's (Eric Martsolof) son, Tate Black. Eventually, Theresa and Brady got the child back, and because they had such a tumultuous relationship, she ended up moving away with Tate. Now, through the magic of Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome, aka SORAS, Tate is returning to Salem as a teen played by newcomer Jaime Martin Mann.

He got in trouble at school for activating the fire alarm, and now Brady's going to have to take an active part in setting his son straight. On October 8, 2023 Michael Fairman TV reported on an interview Mann had with Soap Opera Digest, as he explained what Tate will be encountering in Salem. Because his parents couldn't make things work together, Tate had been acting out, and Mann stated, "There's a part of him that associates Salem with the life that he wishes he could have had: a life with his father, his mom, and even his half-sister. So when he gets back, there's a little resentment." He also noted that everyone in town is aware of his misdeeds, remarking, "Everybody's looking at him with this sort of reprimanding lens."

But as Tate gets acclimated with everyone there, he may also find a love interest when he crosses paths with a SORAS'd Holly Jonas, in the form of another newcomer, Ashley Puzemis.

Mann is in good company with Puzemis

In a post on October 9, 2023, Soap Opera Digest got deeper into Jaime Martin Mann's approach to playing Tate Black on "Days of Our Lives." He was excited to dive into this character with a turbulent past, noting, "[Tate] comes into town, and he's a little bit of a troublemaker. He's got a chip on his shoulder. He's dealing with a lot of internal struggle. He's had a crazy life with parents, who have had issues of their own. He hasn't had a really strong relationship with his father, having been away in California for so long."

Mann also praised his new costar Ashley Puzemis, and felt confident of their on-screen chemistry after rehearsing with her. "We very quickly picked up on what the script was giving us," he said, further explaining, "It felt very natural and fluid. It felt great from the beginning, so I was very excited to get on set and start working with her." He also praised his onscreen parents, Eric Martsolf, and now Emily O'Brien as Theresa, for the ease with which they play their characters, and the fast pace of soap opera acting reminded him of his theater gigs. Working with Puzemis was also reassuring, as he enthusiastically explained, "We'd never done soap operas before. Just knowing that we have the same amount of experience was kind of a comfort [unto] itself." 

We're definitely looking forward to seeing their chemistry!