Peter Reckell's Daughter Was Totally Impressed By One Of His Former Days Co-Stars

Since there are so many famous actors who have gotten their start on "Days of Our Lives," it's still common to get starstruck every once in a while. With the amount of talent that stems from daytime, it's almost impossible not to feel impressed by the actors that come and go. For "Days of Our Lives" actor Peter Reckell, however, it wasn't him who was left speechless by his co-star; it was his 11-year-old daughter, Loden.

Back in 1982, prior to her "Full House" fame, Andrea Barber made her soap opera debut as Carrie Brady on "Days of Our Lives." After leaving the soap, Barber landed the iconic role of Kimmy Gibbler on the sitcom "Full House" from 1987 to 1995. She also reprised the role when "Full House" was rebooted on Netflix from 2016 to 2020 as "Fuller House." When Reckell's daughter found out he had worked with Barber, her reaction was that of awe.

Reckell's daughter couldn't believe he knew Andrea Barber

As a young Carrie Brady, Andrea Barber played opposite Peter Reckell (who played her Uncle Bo) in many scenes on "Days Of Our Lives." When he mentioned to his daughter that he had worked with the "Full House" actress on the soap opera, she didn't believe it, thinking that Kimmy Gibbler was way too famous to have ever worked with her dad. Reckell tweeted Barber the funny story after proving to his daughter that he did in fact work with her.

"@andreabarber My daughter watches Full, and Fuller House, and I had to find an old show to let her see that we did work together. NOW she is impressed with Daddy. Hope you are having a wonderful Holiday."

Barber replied with another tweet expressing how glad she was that Reckell's daughter was a fan of hers, and mentioned that she had also been reminiscing about her time on "Days of Our Lives."

Reckell's daughter was also proud of her dad's return to Days

Finding out that her dad had worked with the legendary Andrea Barber wasn't the only time Peter Reckell's daughter had a "proud dad" moment. Reckell reprised his role of Bo Brady on the "Days" spinoff "Beyond Salem" in 2022 and "Days of Our Lives" in 2023, stirring up a whirlwind of excitement from fans who were eagerly awaiting his return. In an interview with Soap Opera Digest, Reckell explained why his daughter was so impressed with the amount of attention he was getting.

"It was funny because this time, with all the hoopla going on, I had to put a Facebook page up since there are so many imposters out there," he told the magazine. "It got quite a bit of response. Kelly [Moneymaker, Reckell's wife] was working on it. I wasn't there, and Loden looked over her shoulder and said, 'He's got how many likes?' It hit Loden. She had a little proud moment of her dad."