Prince William's Go-To Emoji Is Seriously Spicy

William, Prince of Wales is the future king of England, but that doesn't mean he's not above being a bit cheeky. Prince William and Catherine, Princess of Wales were in Birmingham for a forum in support of World Mental Health Day — to which Kate wore a pair of earrings with a touching story behind them — and they stopped by for a quick appearance on "Going Home with Vick and Jordan" on Radio 1. One common question that the presenters Vick and Jordan ask their celebrity guests is to take a look at their phone. That definitely got a pass, but the Prince and Princess of Wales did reveal their most used emojis.

Right away, Prince William started chuckling — William has shown us his sense of humor before — and he clearly seems to have been coached on this very question for the interview before he came on: ""I've been told not to say the aubergine so I've got to pick something else. It would have been the aubergine." In case you're not familiar with what it means, the aubergine emoji is none other than the eggplant emoji. And in case you're not familiar with what the eggplant emoji means, well, to put it delicately, it's most often used to represent a NSFW part of the male anatomy.

William and Kate's most-used emojis give us a peek into their private lives

As for his family-friendly emoji of choice when texting, William, Prince of Wales revealed on BBC's Radio 1 that it was "the one where the eyes go up and down and the mouth's out. What's that one? The slightly crazy one." As for Catherine, Princess of Wales, her most-used emoji was: "the heart with then the crying emoji. The hysterical laughing when things have gone wrong." We're not quite sure of the context in which the royals use any of their favored emojis, but their texts sound like they could be pretty fun. And, other than the aubergine, they sound like pretty typical emojis for parents of three young kids — slightly crazy and laughter when things go wrong? That's something pretty much every parent can relate to.

And while Prince William might like his emojis on the spicy side, that doesn't apply to his food. When asked on the show what they were having for dinner tonight, they said curry was definitely a potential option, that or salmon teriyaki. But the curry would have to be on the mild side for Prince William, with Kate adding extra spice for herself at the end. As royal fans, we love seeing glimpses into the Wales' private life and knowing, at least in some ways, they're just like us.