Michelle Obama's Former Secret Service Agent Says What She's Really Like

What do the United States Secret Service have in common with the Kardashian family? They both like to use names that all start with the same letter. While the Kardashians went with "K," when Barack Obama was president, his entire family had Secret Service code names that started with "R" — Barack's was Renegade, Michelle's was Renaissance, Sasha was Rosebud, and Malia was Radiance.

So we know her Secret Service code name and we know a bit about Michelle and Barack's relationship from their memoirs, but we wonder what Michelle was really like behind closed doors with the people who were working to keep her and her family safe. Cory Allen is a former Secret Service agent who worked on Michelle's team, both towards the end of and after the Obama administration. He wrote a memoir titled "Breaking Free: A Saga of Self-Discovery by a Gay Secret Service Agent," in which he spilled the beans on what Michelle is really like. And we're happy to hear that she's just as personable and nice as she seems in her public appearances. In an interview for Katie Couric Media, Allen revealed that Michelle was "bubbly and genuine [...] and remained grounded coming out of office." She knew Allen by his first name and was both polite and professional. And in an interview with OFM, Allen noted that Michelle remembered his name even after he hadn't been with her team for months, so it seems clear there was a genuine connection there.

Michelle Obama helped inspire one former Secret Service agent to keep fit

One of Michelle Obama's initiatives when she was First Lady was called "Let's Move!," and it was all about keeping kids and families healthy and active. Michelle was a clear role model when it came to her diet and her exercise regimen — anyone remember the trend of Michelle Obama arms? And her passion for fitness went far beyond the White House. Cory Allen talked about how spending time with Michelle, particularly post-presidency, meant a chance to get in a workout: "We did 14-mile hikes through the Malibu hills and took spinning classes. I'd be behind her in a packed SoulCycle class, sweating it out with my gear on. I had to remain in top-notch condition. If we're on the slopes in Aspen, you can't let the first lady pass you." Such nice moments of inadvertent inspiration from Michelle!

Allen has found inspiration in Michelle beyond just her workouts too, in a way that perhaps a lot of people have, even if they haven't written a book about their lives. Allen had a front-row seat to Michelle during her "Becoming" book tour in late 2018 and early 2019, and he said, "The power of her story, the way she tells it, and the way she can just be herself certainly inspired me."

Michelle was genuinely kind to her Secret Service agent

You might think Cory Allen would get just a little tired or even nervous having to be around the person who is essentially his boss for long periods of time. However, this wasn't the case for Allen and Michelle Obama. According to the former Secret Service agent, Michelle was the picture of cordiality. Allen spent plenty of time around Michelle, as expected in his line of work. In his interview with OFM, Allen explained that it was his responsibility to stick by the first lady's side during long car rides, on flights, and in other "close environments." 

Just as many of us have always imagined and hoped for, Allen went on to confirm that Michelle was the most laid-back person to be around. He essentially called both Michelle and Barack Obama the ideal presidential couple to protect, with nothing negative to say about either of them. "They're such genuine, kind, intelligent, and amazing human beings," he told OFM.