B&B Newcomer Romy Park Is More Than A Talented Actor

When Luna (Lisa Yamada) first came to "The Bold and the Beautiful," it was evident that she was withholding a megawatt secret from the Forrester family, particularly Eric Forrester (John McCook) and his grandson, RJ (Joshua Huffman). It wasn't long before Luna was slinking off-screen, having secret conversations with someone – her blacklisted mother, Poppy. While Poppy is a disgrace to her family, the actor behind the role, Romy Park, is anything but.

Park is an actor, writer, and producer who studied at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London and has multiple years of industry experience. Before appearing in "B&B," she had guest roles in several shows, including "The Rookie: Feds" and "Ghost Whisperer." However, in addition to her acting prowess, Park has excelled in several other areas, diving into the world of dance and professional podcasting. 

Even though her character's backstory remains a mystery to "Bold" viewers, there's clearly more to Park than meets the eye.

Romy Park has dance and podcasting experience

Romy Park's journey on "The Bold and the Beautiful" is just getting started as Poppy's connection to Forrester Creations is being explored. However, Park's career beyond acting has been flourishing for quite some time. 

One look at her Instagram account, and it's clear that the newest "Bold" face has a passion for dance, more specifically ballet. Another point of excellence in Park's career is her delve into the world of hula hooping. She has highlighted her skills across several posts on Instagram. In one post, she captions a video of her hula talent, writing, "I woke up and started dancing. Happiness and joy is a choice. Today I choose joy." 

However, beyond the world of dance, Park has a special connection to daytime television that predates her arrival on "B&B." She has previously worked as a podcaster, co-hosting "Romy and Dan's High School Reunion Podcast" alongside "Days Of Our Lives" star Dan Feuerriegel. According to the official description of the podcast, the pair used to "catch up with people from all walks of life within the entertainment industry and beyond."