Jennifer Garner & Samuel Affleck Uphold Their Sweet Mother-Son Hobby In New Photo

Samuel Affleck is quickly catching up to his mom Jennifer Garner in height — kids grow up so fast! The youngest of Garner's kids with Ben Affleck seems to be an avid fan of basketball. He's been spotted playing basketball with his dad at the park. And Samuel very adorably got the chance to help his father announce the 2023 NBA All-Star Celebrity Game. But dad isn't the only parent who's supported Samuel's love of basketball. The young boy was courtside with his mom at a Los Angeles Lakers vs. Golden State Warriors, wearing one sneaker for LeBron James from the Lakers and one sneaker for Steph Curry from the Warriors.

But it looks like Samuel likes more activities than basketball. He and Garner were spotted out riding bikes in Santa Monica, and it looked like they were having a good time. Garner was riding an electric bike, which would make things a little easier when it comes to hills, while her son was riding a blue mountain bike by Framed. So sweet to see them getting in some one-on-one time!

Samuel Affleck enjoys riding his bike with both mom and dad

It was safety first for Jennifer Garner and Samuel Affleck on their sunny bike ride — they were both wearing black helmets. Samuel's been spotted out on his bike with his mother before. During the early days of the pandemic, the mother-son duo both donned masks, along with their helmets, to go for a ride. And in 2021, the two even wore matching t-shirts as they pedaled through their neighborhood that read, "Hug a farmer." Garner's a big fan of farming — she co-founded the company Once Upon a Farm, which makes healthy organic baby food — and she's gotten her kids into it too with an extensive backyard garden, including bee hives.

Samuel's also been out on his bike with Ben Affleck. But while Ben was on two wheels, he was definitely not riding a bike. Instead, his dad has been seen riding next to his son on an electric motorcycle. Garner and Ben have been co-parenting their three kids since their separation in 2015 and official divorce in 2018, and they seem to be in a good place when it comes to that. They've both talked about their relationship publicly over the years since their split, and the overall message seems to be that they still respect each other and they're putting their kids first.