General Hospital's Carolyn Hennesy Sees Romance In Diane's Future (& Our Fingers Are Crossed)

"General Hospital" fans — and actor Carolyn Hennesy — are hoping Diane Miller is about to get her chance at love. Everyone thinks that district attorney Robert Scorpio's (Tristan Rogers) true love is either Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) or Holly Sutton (Emma Samms). The truth is that both of those ships have sailed. Anna found the perfect mate with Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart), but now that he's been lying to her and she's been terrorized by an unknown attacker, romance is the last thing on her mind. Realizing that their worlds were vastly different, Holly decided to leave Port Charles to help her con artist son, Ethan Lovett (James Ryan). Before she left, she kissed Robert, much to attorney Diane's shock.

Diane and Robert had felt an attraction to one another over the past few years, and it looked like they were headed toward romance until the kiss unnerved her. Observing that he might still have feelings for Holly, Diane has made it known in no uncertain terms that she will not be Robert's consolation prize after Holly's departure. It's clear that sparks are flying between them, yet Robert hasn't made any effort to pursue her. On October 17, Soap Hub reported on a "GH" fan event in which Hennesy was asked what direction she'd like to see Diane go in. Thinking wishfully, she stated an ideal story "would involve Robert. And it would involve a romance, of course." 

Hennesy sees Diane explaining a long-lost child to Robert

Diane Miller's portrayer Carolyn Hennesy explained to Soap Hub why fans enjoy back-and-forth romances, stating, "You kind of come apart, you push them back together again, and then pull apart and push together again. You know, like monkey bread." She also said she'd like to dive more into Diane's history, feeling that a long-lost child would be interesting. "I'd love to have a child come into her world and have to have her explain it to her new boyfriend, Robert," she remarked. This implies that she feels a romance between Diane and Robert Scorpio is imminent. In October 2022, one fan on X, formerly known as Twitter, stated, "I wouldn't hate a Diane/Robert romance!! Bout time they both had some!!!" so clearly, fans are on board.

There's much to ponder about pairing these two beloved characters. Diane is fierce but loyal. Heck, she's defended Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) for his criminal activities for ages, never once giving away his secrets. Robert, being a former superspy, could use a strong confidante like Diane in his corner. Plus, their chemistry is undeniable, and it would be good to see an older couple succeed at romance on a sudser. Diane hasn't had a love interest in ages, and Robert seems to be flitting about trying to get the Port Charles police department to actually solve some crimes.

We're hoping romance blooms between them!